Planning: 5 August ad spend Karma mine-free

August 2, 2016

Baghdad/SNG Agency Planning Minister Salman jumaili vine city ready to receive displaced people after the great efforts that have been made in the provision of services over the last few weeks.

Jumaili said in a press statement that "large sums customizations monitored by the international community to restore stability and reconstruction in the liberated areas, including Fallujah, Karma came more than expected".

The volume of international grants totalled $ 2.1 billion, calling the local Council administration and security forces and tribal elders and crowd at karma to contribute to the process of return of displaced persons to the city of Grapevine.

Jumaili said that "the Government mobilized all their recognition that big problem especially in the initial phases of displacement and in combat zones with displaced a lot of hardships, causing them great suffering to the difficulty of transporting relief to safe areas."

And that "there is no mission p indicated damage and others are being rehabilitated and this karma water project this project ready for action and provide safe drinking water to the citizens of the city."

"Spend Karma will be ready to receive refugees and are waiting for the security situation since the city will hopefully be declared free of mines on 5 August to begin then to receive the 16, 000 displaced."