Abbadi: need to investigate curricular contracts file

2016-08-02 at 13:47

Baghdad scales news

A student Attorney for national reform stream block Zahir Abadi, an investigation with Ministry of education curriculum contracts file after one of the characters on it during the interrogation of Khalid al-Ubeidi, Minister of defense in the last Parliament session.

Ibadi said in a statement/balance of news copy, that "there are some characters have compromised the Defense Minister Khalid Al-Obeidi said the latter is flexed Samurai as bid requests as an experience of his contract with the Ministry of education," "dyed requires extensive investigation of this file and show the reality of these engagements and mechanism on those contracts in every detail.

He added, "this could be a suspicious character and therefore had placed her footstep corruption entrenched and expanded and perhaps not without some political cooperation behind these contracts in education."

Abadi called the integrity and the Council of Ministers "accelerated in pursuing this as a serious index file at this stage to combat the scourge of corruption, the reform project launched by the reference and the Iraqi people through prompt protests