Urgent .. Nassif: generalized Shiite partner Abedi in corrupt deals

Twilight News / MP Alia Nassif Reform Front, has said it will file "prove" the corruption of the defense minister to the Iraqi judiciary and Public Prosecution and the Integrity Commission, in addition to the presentation to the public through the media, as described questioning the minister the meeting yesterday, "a play a show."
The Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi an investigation into allegations of corruption in arms deals in the development threatens to ignite a new political crisis by the military moves to restore Mosul of al Daash.
He denied Iraq's parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri, the corruption charges that face him in a parliamentary session closed and Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi, who later said the official page on Facebook that he had blackmailed details related contracts are weapons.
Obeidi did not give evidence in the electronic publication. According to a separate message that many of the suspects of Representatives in similar crimes.
Monday accused al-Obeidi, al-Jubouri and his advisor Muthana al-Samarrai of involvement in corruption cases relating to contracts and armament Msahumich them and try to blackmail him, during a secret session devoted to the interrogation of Iraqi Defense Minister in the House of Representatives about the corruption files.
He spoke with the Iraqi minister questioned in front of the parliament of "political extortion practiced by al-Jubouri to pass arming and buy cars for transmission to those close to him for the purpose of obtaining kickbacks to Iraqi blood account two billion dollars worth of contracts for the details."
For its part announced the Integrity Commission to form a commission of inquiry with the names, which he accused the minister attempts to blackmail him for armament contracts marred by corruption.
High Nassif They Her interrogation file and said, in an interview with Lord of Twilight News, "said Defence Minister presented yesterday theatrical shows tiny aim of confusion and shuffling papers in agreement with some of the corrupt within the National Alliance, according to the principle (if Thmona will not expose Fassadkm), and thus could only direct his arrows into the Union exclusive powers, while there are plenty of indications of corruption on some members of the National Alliance of whom unfortunately someone generalized Shia is a partner to the defense minister in corruption deals and converts the Iraqi money vouchers from his province to the State of the Diaspora. "
"The minister said that it has appointed 30 people in the Ministry of Education, would allow himself to do so, a minister and wrong with the MP who come to him, along with requests for the appointment of the poor citizens mainly for Aaarafhm uses the topic as a card in his hand in order to delay his interrogation? Does that help or a pro fighter Alonbarah honorable faced by Daash submit an application to him for dropping her disposal of the gun is the corruption? ". She noted that "the real corruption is revealed by the interrogation files in 16 questions, upping the documents, while the minister did not come out a single document facing documents provided by and he offers only his play meager and tried to confuse securities in agreement with some of the corrupt within the National Alliance and then try to attribute the Iraqi army's achievements of the leaders of the fight against terrorism and the popular crowd to himself as if he is the one who has achieved these victories, and this habit in all media conferences. "
And showed "a shame that the general commander of the armed forces when he says he has questioned Essaouira Air Base file in which corruption and demanded the defense minister and the minister not respond to him, the minister officially admitted in questioning session that he not respond the Commander in Chief and that he does not allow the exit of any paper from his ministry, and this is what addressed by the working satisfactorily to hide its files and that Eisselm any paper to the adviser, Khaled security team, is that the minister of His authority higher than the authority of the commander in chief?
She Nassif "already witnesses went to the Integrity Commission, and said they gave a bribe to the defense minister, but the Commission unfortunately did not respond to them, at a time when a certificate just accept the informant, but does not accept the original witness, who acknowledges that he is the one who has bribed a certificate."
She continued, "I'm going to refer all the files that prove the corruption of the minister to the public prosecutor and to the Integrity Commission and to the Iraqi judiciary, Sonscherha through the media to inform them of the Iraqi people to know that there are people who cover up the corrupt."