Statement on the preservation of the independence of the Central Bank

04.16.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
Statement on the preservation of the independence of the Central Bank of Baghdad in April 16, 2012 said spokesman Iraqi MP Maysoon al including Aotla: follow the coalition in Iraq with great concern the escalation of attempts to the Prime Minister to control the central bank, which is of independent bodies associated with the House of Representatives, which fortified the Constitution and the law from any government interference. and is increasingly clear that attempts to authoritarianism on the central bank intended things to Khtiran, namely the acquisition of the cover of the Iraqi currency of reserves the central bank, and control the issuance of currency to finance wasteful government on the one hand and support the economies of two adjacent subjected to the economic blockade on the other. and reminds us This approach by the former regime during the siege Ptbazir central bank reserves and currency printing at the hands of buried Hussein Kamel, destroying the economy and squandered savings of citizens and spent on the monetary value of the rights of retirees. added Damluji that all this is done and the Iraqi currency is under pressure from neighboring countries, which break down their currencies at home and trying to export its financial problems of cash to Iraq will come to defend the value of Iraqi dinar, but Bank of Central discreet and independent, capable of protecting the cover of the currency and controlled entirely on the issue of currency and printed according to strict standards committed by the central bank so far. and calls on the coalition, the Iraqi Council of Representatives, and political leaders and civil society and all the people being generally suspicious of this attack and the motivation to keep foreign Astqalah the central bank, his administration and support professional in the defense of the dinar value of a repeat of the tragedy of nineties of the last century, and that citizens are still paying for it. the coalition in Iraq

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