Iraq.. Bemisan plan to hike crude production to 565 thousand barrels

August 1, 2016


Anatolia, an Iraqi oil official said Monday that Maysan oil company and Chinese betrogina company operator alhalvaih oil field leader planning to raise total production to 565 thousand barrels of oil a day by adding 200 thousand barrels of alhalvaih field in the last stage of development.

Alhalvaih field is the largest oil production field in Maysan province in the South of the country, the rate of non-oil extracted from the oil fields of province b (16) billion barrels, according to officials in Maysan oil company of Federal Oil Ministry.

Khalid said the main spokesman for the Maysan oil company for "Anatolia", that "current production of Missan Oil fields (alhalvaih, walbzrkan, change, Abu-West) was 365 thousand barrels, Inc betrogina Chinese oil will start to implement the final phase of developing the alhalvaih oil field after the Federal Cabinet endorsement contract".

The oil official said that "the last phase of development of the oil alhalvaih field designed to add 200 thousand barrels a day to its current production 200 thousand barrels of oil ', indicating that the time to reach the planned production ceiling is the end of next year 2017 ″.

Maysan oil company comprises four oil fields are alhalvaih, walbzrkan, change, Abu-West, Chinese companies invested since 2009.

Iraq is one of the most oil countries hit by falling oil prices, especially after the low price to about $ 40, which means double the annual budget deficit, Iraq relies on more than 90 percent of the fiscal income.