Jubouri denies accusations Obeidi leaves the presidency of the parliament until Tboot innocence [Extended]

2016/8/1 16:36


Denied Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, the accusations made against him by Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi, declaring that he "will assess a complaint to the defense minister's sentiments and grounds of defamation."

Jubouri said in a press conference attended by the correspondent of the agency all of Iraq [where] that "some people want to derail the process of questioning or to discredit the parliament through the accusations and fabrications do not have the health of both those that have been talked about by the Minister of Defense, which affected the presidency of the Council and a number of members of the Board House of Representatives. "

He said al-Jubouri said, "My name is said and pointed out to him the defense minister and affected not to continue my will to preserve the neutrality of the interrogation," noting that "the interrogation process and files on this day, involving cases where corruption significantly on the Ministry of Defense and some of them linked to Bakot of the Iraqi people and the process of a character of this institution on the basis of its goal. " According to him.

"I can claim from the claims by saying the stories have no basis for any impact from the truth even manipulate the feelings and emotions and distract attention from the fact that their [al-Obeidi] to the House of Representatives, but was even held accountable for files had previously proved by the competent committees and by the deputies and the light that was the interrogation. "

He continued by saying that "what has been provoked and mentioning of names and facts will be at the behest of the Presidency of the Council will be forwarded to the judiciary and the Integrity Commission and instructed it and Aozaat forming investigative committees, and I am for myself and I'm sure of what I say if he could questioner to prove in court or integrity," noting that "everything happened today is a play to stop the process of interrogation and manipulation of convictions. "

The Chairman of the Parliament "From now Sobeshr myself to go to the courts and to the Integrity Commission was told throughout this period and did not turn the questioner Obeidi over six months in the facts mentioned today in that file a claim or go to the Integrity Commission," and wondered why he did not take place to raise those issues, but this session. "

The head of the parliament, "There are many facts which the questioner took advantage of the opportunity to speak before the House of Representatives and in my personal capacity and official nasal exactly what was mentioned that his prejudice Bchksa as well as members of the Board and the final say will be to eliminate that we we'll go for the purpose of opening files in this regard", he underlined that "the results of the investigation will be announcing to the Iraqi people. "

He Jubouri that "what happened is not accused of a Party, but to talk about the facts could be made available to a person during the interrogation process and thus make a kind of excitement a chance and remember many of the facts of the stories and there is no charge for a certain block or a specific party to foment chaos or disorder that has occurred this suspicions, "adding he was" out of respect for the Council of Representatives out of respect for the democratic process has affected not to take-away session management process and I turn the second deputy Aram Sheikh Mohammed in this framework.

He stressed that "the interrogation process will continue and will determine the dates of the questioning of other figures," adding that "the meaning do now is to instruct the Integrity Commission in the completion of the investigation process and the establishment of a complaint on what has been mentioned and we will resort to the complaint of defamation."

And the Chairman of the House of Representatives that "the parliament past its work and has a regulatory and legislative actions and its several agenda issues," pointing out that "I am who asked the defense minister to speak names, numbers, and even mention the name left his area to say whatever he likes."

He concluded by saying al-Jubouri I previously accused of terrorism and resorted to the courts and acquitted today and accused of corruption, and that are not going to eliminate. "