Jabouri: theatrical and prejudice of Parliament Obeidi and offer myself to eliminate {Extender}

2016/1/8 15:40

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} count House speaker Selim Jabouri charges Defense Minister Khalid Al-Obeidi during group questioning today as prejudice to Parliament, he will face justice for his acquittal.

Jabouri said in a press conference held in the House of representatives, your correspondent {Euphrates news} Monday, accusations which I got at hearing questioning Defence Minister Khaled Obeidi is a play and prejudice to the House of representatives, where there are many facts he invested in compromising interrogator.

"The meeting will be broadcast without cutting anything, and we are keen to move the facts as they are, and the results will be in front of the Iraqi people."

He noted that "the right of the Iraqi people and Parliament to stand in front of the facts that have been mentioned during today's session where there is no charge for the party or for the specific purpose of mass chaos or unrest."

Juburi asked that "why didn't you mention corrupt files to media or for body integrity? ", Noting that" any person charged with corruption it Gallery of judicial body integrity and facts for the Iraqi people. "
He continued saying "instructed the integrity in completing the investigation process and establish a complaint on a funeral for these things where libel."

He went on to say "we'll fight to get to the truth, which could result in significant effects should not be to keep a lid on a spoiler or attempts to shuffle".

Lastly, the "House of yore to legislative and regulatory actions and we are to follow, previously accused of terrorism webraeni eliminate today been accused of corruption, therefore will resort to crack for cleared because I never officially informed the Commission on integrity or accused of corruption."

It is said that Defence Minister Khaled Obeidi accused House speaker Selim Jabouri and Iraqi forces Deputy Mohammed Al karboli of corruption in an arms deal during his interrogation, accused Deputy DG interviewer convert real estate file containing 8 claims against it.