Check availability for Labor Department 120 billion dinars from loss

2016-08-01 at 10:16

Baghdad scales news

Ministry of labour and Social Affairs, Monday, to provide 120 billion dinars during the check my loans and social protection.

The Minister said Mohamed sheyaa in a statement quoted Ministry and received/balance of news copy, that the Ministry had great success in social protection benefit file through akhdagh beneficiaries for extensive checking to detect abusers and grant funds to eligible real subsidy. "

He added, that "financial and administrative corruption is an obstacle to Iraqi State after 2003 so we gave this file of great importance and we focused on two loans and social protection network has been extensive checking of certificate of international organizations to which I referred positively to the auditing process."

He continued, "the audit process provided substantial funds reach 120 billion dinars in the first instance," he "dyed and hoped to announce soon details of phase two were spread among citizens and a group of market commentators and some spirited."

Minister, that the Ministry had the deterrent measures are involved in administrative and financial corruption. "

"He confirmed some employees transferred to the Legal Department and the Office of the Inspector General for involvement in stealing money العام٬ we have two files, namely connector file before 2014, file for welfare to the integrity and the nature of the work of service Ministry so the suspicions of corruption are not great so we have no contracts and no mnaksa, adding that the Ministry is seeking to reduce friction between citizens and employees via electronic system to promote transactions.