"Europol" 31 thousand Daashah pregnant .. and the new generation is the most dangerous

, The newspaper " The Independent" British confirmed that the agency "Europol" in its annual report on terrorism in the European Union, said that at least 50 children living in Britain what she called the "Caliphate State" and under "Daash."
The report revealed that 31,000 bound to regulate a woman during pregnancy, noting that the new generation of Aldoaash are serious and a matter of real concern.
The report pointed out that the new generation, the children of foreign terrorists, no recruits for the organization of European nations, continues to grow as the number of "jihadi brides" is on the constant rise!
The report also pointed out that children of foreign terrorists would form a future security threat to the EU countries, adding: " The terrorists returning from Iraq and Syria to their countries would trigger the continuation of the terrorist threat to the EU through facilitation activities, fundraising, recruitment and dissemination of extremist ideology, and they will form a model An example must be emulated by the potential for extremists. "
According to the agency , Europol, the 5000 European citizen traveled to Iraq and Syria to join the organization , "Daash" terrorist.