Deputy of the state law , assaults on Kurdish MPs

Student Kurdish deputies in the Parliamentary Committee on Culture, Sunday, chairman of the parliament to investigate an assault on MP Fadel Kanani them within the Commission. And announced an MP for the mass change Serwa Abdul Wahid, during a joint press conference with Attorney Xuan Daoudi held in the parliament building, said a member of the Committee on Culture representative for «rule of law» Fadel Kanani assaulted her and her colleague Xuan Daoudi against the backdrop of non-elected Chairman of the Committee.
Abdul Wahid added that «after we completed the elections, naturally, were surprised to reject MP Fadel Kanani of the results of the election, where he considered himself chairman of the committee, despite the elections», and wondered «how the people did not read one book and does not know about the culture, art, something he wants to be president of the Committee on Culture ».
Kurdish MP said Kanani began attacking them words saucy, saying: «If you're not a woman you Ahntek and hit you more», pointing out that Kanani also exceeded the Attorney Xuan Daoudi when you enter the final settlement of the controversy, adding that it broke some of the holdings within the Commission's headquarters .
And demanded an MP for the mass change Presidency of the Council of Representatives b »an investigation into the incident and bring the bloc formally apologized to me and vice Xuan Daoudi and blocs of change and the National Union for what he did MP Kanani.»
The election to choose the head of the Culture and Information Committee in the House of Representatives took place on Sunday, and was re-elected MP Maysoon al-president of her, MP vows Fadhli vice president, was chosen as deputy Xuan Daoudi, Rapporteur of the Committee.
It is noted that the discussions within the House of Representatives often escalate to turn into a fight between the political blocs, and so, partly because of cramping between the political blocs and chaos and lack of dispositions control and the fact that some MPs who raised the fights in the parliament inexperienced in the political and diplomatic work is not required specifications provided by the House of Representatives meet the in addition to the lack of instructions and mechanisms to regulate the debate in the House of Representatives and to hold abusers it.