Balsour..tvasil terrifying tell a Dutch photographer in the grip of Daash

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He spent the Dutch photographer Daniel Ray, 26, the worst days of his life, when he found himself in the grip of the "Daash" in Syria, for more than a year, which was subjected to torture by British fighters in the ranks of the organization. Daniel Ray was accompanied by both John Cantil and Alan Hanning and James Foley, according to the newspaper "Daily Mail" the British, but he escaped from detention, on the dispute, to tell his story and his observations, which are the most detailed inside continued to organize prison. Daniel tells that those responsible for his detention were three Britons know as "beetles." In the first days of his detention, he asked him, "Knevs", of British origin George called, whether he knows where it will go (where he was blindfolded in a car), and when he did not have Ray, and other detainees with him, continued George, "you going to watch the execution of the process," where the victim was a man accused of spying for the West, and therefore sentenced him to death Daash court.