Beirut press today 08/01/2016

Lebanese newspapers on Monday 08/01/2016 addressed many of the files , including the battle of Aleppo , where the Front victory began opposite an offensive to retake the locations where the Syrian army and the Allied offer, and local preparations for the August talk Retreat which will last three days and dominate the domestic political movement.
The army in his festival: not a time to celebrate
Retreat dialogue: Adventure in the «Empty Quarter»
Imad Mmerml
Newspaper Alsvirital the first of August, while the army is busy for his festival bitter wait for the return of the abducted soldiers to the organization «Daash», and the fight against terrorism on the border and in the interior, and being ready to respond to any Israeli aggression.
Yes, no space or the enthusiasm of the official ceremonies and protocol, the center of this blended sacrifices challenges, which can not afford the luxury of traditional rituals.
There is a military parade in the presence of the owners Albmat and titles, as usual in natural conditions. The only offer that has widened the street is for military families of abductees who returned to sit in Riad Solh Square, after he tired of patience .. and did not them.
Perhaps the best gift that can be submitted to the military establishment in the anniversary, are providing more worthwhile weapon , which would be appointed to deal with the risk of impending, more than all the theorizing that some excels at home and abroad.
Other gift sought by the army, can politicians granted to him instead of the bestowal of emotions it, is to re - uniformity to the state and thus securing a solid political cover for him, Ihsnh in the face benefits, knowing that this cover can not be woven strings only constitutional institutions, incomplete configuration.
Indeed , sagging of these institutions, in the vacancy of some paralysis others, will be discussed by a retreat dialogue which is supposed to look at how to restore the production of power, according to any hierarchy, amid assumptions that differentiated between the call to rise from the bottom of the crisis , a basket of integrated, and the claim segmenting tracks and give the priority for the election of the President. True, no one will admit defeat Astsel that without dread of the unknown, but it is also true that solitude 2, 3 and 4 August is a real test, and it will cause failure, no matter what has been beautifying, the additional setback.
Until it became clear awaited test results, a survey prior positions and accounts implied shows, that «retreat» inhabited a lot of demons detail, fighting adventure in the empty political quarter, and therefore reeling before it starts, given the wide gap between the parties , which differ not only on the characterization medicine, but also about the diagnosis, unless managed dynamic debate or «awakening of conscience» of the breakthrough is expected.
The irony is , that there are pre - empted the «three - August» download «Hezbollah» in advance the consequences of failure, linked last year to discourse secretary , Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, while others touting the possibility of expanding the agenda on borrowed time, until combined general budget item!
Perhaps the intensification of regional engagement, from Aleppo on the outskirts of the Syrian border - Turkish, to Najran at the Yemeni border - Saudi Arabia, will cast a shadow on the dialogue table , which seems to be its success still lacks an incubator regional environment, waiting for «Linking conflict» or manipulated between Tehran and Riyadh .
As the «mood» the retreat will be affected to this extent or another lower level of optimism, the mysterious «descent», the possibility of election of the President soon on the consensus on General Michel Aoun base, after counter - attack launched by MP Suleiman Franjieh, who was appointed the fig tree.
In this sense, do not suggest that there is a general climates viability of the centers of gravity in exchange for concessions and to facilitate the settlement of dialogue body, at this time, except in the case has « a miracle Lebanonization».
On the eve of the dialogue, and after two days of talks with MP Franjieh, Speaker Nabih Berri met yesterday Prime Minister Saad Hariri in the eye of the fig tree, and Astbakah to the dinner table, in the presence of Minister Ali Hassan Khalil and Nader Hariri.
This nocturnal meeting falls within the context of the efforts and contacts that began in Berri after his return from abroad to secure the best possible conditions before the meetings of the dialogue committee , which starts tomorrow.
Berri stresses in front of visitors on the retreat dialogue in the 2, 3 and 4 August are very important to break the current deadlock and reviving the crippled state institutions chance, drawing attention to the success rate of between zero and one hundred percent.
And asserts Berri again that the founding conference not on the table before him, calling the interlocutors to assume their responsibilities: «We are more like being in a football stadium, where you can not score a goal from outside the legal boundaries, so the interlocutors - the players must realize that the ball is in their court and that they can win the game if you do good exchange of passes and eased from committing Alvaullac ... ».
Berri is required is a simulation of the Doha settlement, drawing attention to the profound solution to the current crisis is not only part of an integrated basket , including the presidency and the election law and the prime minister and the composition of the Cabinet, as to begin the implementation of the understanding from the site of the President, «Otherwise , the only alternative is to come parliamentary elections based on proportional system sponsor the production of a new authority. »
Berri and continues on his way to Mahbve segmentation tracks: in Lebanon, must please everyone, do not satisfy one team, even perverted things, and the characteristics of «basket» she can reconcile the interests of everyone, knowing that if we assume that we have been able electing the president in isolation from other files, the crisis could grow , when you 're in forming a government that will not only witness the birth Almamrn.
And other different approach to test the Apostle reflected in Prime Minister Fouad Siniora , who says for «ambassador»: Honestly, I no longer know what exactly is the agenda, and if it is required to address a single presidency files at head of government and the nature of the government and the election law, then in my opinion , constitute an infringement of the Constitution The Taif agreement. He adds: Why all this twisting and turning, sometimes in the name of political realism and sometimes the name of the overall solution. Asking one thing to focus on electing the president , who is then supervise the mechanisms for the nomination of the prime minister and composed, and I I'm going to talk in privacy within the constitutional rules.
When it is said that Berri repeats at every opportunity its commitment to the Taif Accord, Siniora answer is not permissible to give a signal turning to the right and then go to the left, and therefore is not enough to adhere to the Taif verbally without being adhered to it in practice.
Siniora says he will go to meetings all seriousness dialogue committee and an outstretched hand, and we progress steps so far in the other direction, without Alaqana we find it in the middle of the road.
Insofar as the election law, points out that the «mixed project , which we put forward is a step forward on the path of relativism that should Ntdrj in reliance», calling for «not Nzaid on each other in this area», stressing that « the Future Movement has no intention to waste time to go back to the sixty - law as a fait accompli. »
Siniora and draws attention to it now if asked MPs and candidates to prosecutors about the extent of their knowledge of the relative order to show that the majority is not familiar with the adequacy of him, let alone voters, so they must be applied in the gradient.
Siniora and explains that he is not optimistic nor pessimistic as can finish him retreat dialogue, «All I can confirm is that I have a real intention to make progress, noting that the recent speech of Mr. Hassan Nasrallah does not encourage predicted positives».

The day:
Berri , the interlocutors: We are in front of another job opportunity
Military prisoners alive ... except for one
Alnharalaol newspaper of August Army festival passes also sad this year, since the absence of the celebrations accompanying him and the graduation of new officers and handed over swords, in the absence of a president chaired the ceremony. The passes also sad with the continuation of the abduction of a number of military organization has "Daash" Since the second of August 2014, in light of the negotiations interruption to learn their fate. As reported in " An- Nahar" Two days ago, the possibility of re - communication and negotiation remain possible in the coming days , coupled with the return of the military families of nine to move in Riad Solh Square.
In Information "day" of the head of the "Life" Foundation lawyer Nabil Halabi said negotiations initiated limited to three meetings before the institution to freeze. He said: "mediator met three times out of Lebanon, and included Alatmian to the lives of prisoners, according to the mediator and the military alive except one is Abdul Rahim Diab. And did not interfere in the causes of death or the place of the military, but we asked at the second meeting confirms the validity of the mediator as video or image of modern words, they responded with the conditions for it. " He added: "insisting on proof was a result of conflicting information that was up to the parents that their children were killed or they're okay, because this did not take the word of the mediator seriously only to provide conclusive evidence."
On the other hand, I learned " An- Nahar" that the Lebanese army will receive this week a new US equipment to enhance its potential in the fight against terrorism , a war being waged for years and was the last chapters in the town of Lebanese bottom recently.
Politically, Lebanon on a date with a tripartite dialogue , which begins tomorrow and ends Thursday, in the light of expectations for not being able to make any progress. "Al-Nahar" that Speaker Nabih Berri yesterday stepped up his contacts in preparation for dialogue and received at night Prime Minister Saad al - Hariri, in an attempt to remedy consequences left by the positions of Secretary General of "Hezbollah" Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah , the last of the skies. Berri has received a call from the party 's leadership regarding the circumstances surrounding the speech. The ministerial sources for "daylight" The atmosphere after Nasrallah 's speech Hariri 's reply reflected the continuing regional engagement and high frequency unit including a rumor does not contribute to an atmosphere of dialogue, but that the responses made ​​things complicated.
References that did not rule reflected the atmosphere tense on government files in question as the impending entitlements , such as the appointment of the commander of the army with the approaching expiration of the extended mandate of Imad Jean Kahveci.
In this field, " An- Nahar" I learned that the trend is now definitively to the Minister of Defense to extend the mandate again despite strong for "FPM" objections, which moved "current" president of Gebran Bassil to Prime Minister Tammam Salam threatening to turn the government into a caretaker If the extension Kahveci.
In contrast, Berri stressed that the dialogue in the past, said: "They must know that we are in front of another very important opportunities and sensitive at this time." And stems from the issue here is not that the ability of anyone on Ajraz any progress in the outstanding issues addressed by the basket or rather the dialogue without going through interlocutors items.
In the meantime, he sent a group of civil society activists a letter to the national dialogue , which the "Those striving, one way or another, explicitly or obliquely, to the cancellation of the Taif agreement and the amendment of the Constitution, by way of a new constituent conference of the formula of the Lebanese to live, but are demanding the abolition or amendment nothing has really applied at any time, and are calling for something else would not put the country only on the brink of a new civil war, especially in the chaos persistent destinies of the peoples of the Arab region, and the noise dominates the minds of most Lebanese political class, as well as its inability to humiliating responding statist and international axioms. "
In the street , groups of civil movement has moved since Saturday and will continue driven facilities for meetings of the national dialogue over the next three days , demanding the adoption of the relative parliamentary election in the forthcoming law.
Sunday saw the political developments represent in a primary election for "FPM" to choose its candidates for the parliamentary elections and scored a precedent in the history of Lebanese parties, especially as it was conducted in accordance with the individual circuit mechanism , a mechanism that allows the achievement of a true representation of the voters. It was noted that Mahaziban in Ashrafieh voted for Vice President of the party of former Minister Nicolas Sehnaoui and dismissed from the party leadership Ziad Abs for almost the same, believing that the vote null and void.
«Collar Aleppo» under test ... The gunmen open battle «decisive»
Suhaib Angerana
Battle «decisive» opened «army of conquest» groups on several axes in the city of Aleppo. Opening new ways of supplying militants compensate for the eastern neighborhoods axis Alcastelo which they lost a few days ago, and the development of neighborhoods controlled by the Syrian state in the heart of the fire are fundamental goals of the battle. But « the cohesion of factions» seems further goals, and not less than its predecessor. Ongoing battles yet to be resolved, and resulted in the control of insurgents on some points, taking into account the difference between the control and the success in installed
«Collar Aleppo» entered yesterday fiery tested. Fierce battles waged by factions «army of conquest» on various fronts, and great momentum seems normal compared to the size of the envisaged objectives.
Attacks launched from several axes stretched nearly the length of 20 kilometers, according to a spokesman for «Ahrar al - Sham Islamic Movement» , starting from the village of Alsabakah (south Aleppo) up to the wisdom corresponding to the regions of the fourth and fifth adult school. Ramouseh, South Gate Aleppo is the main objective of the first phase of the attack, in search of a breakthrough eliminates the effects of the Ring , which hit the Syrian army and its allies on the eastern neighborhoods controlled by armed men a few days ago. It is not considered a surprise choice of this goal, the result of several factors including the fact that South axes are optimized for the start of the groups (due to retaining cohesion on these axes), in addition to the support offered by the launch synchronized by Western axles (adults). The shares install the Syrian army for rapid control points on the northern axis of the city to turn compass attack toward the south and west axes. Battles that broke out yesterday evening inaugurated a weapon , which is traditionally (suicide attacks), followed by attacks in the form of «waves» and successive concurrently on an axis.
Accompanied by battles with the media pumping for big breakthroughs for insurgents
It seems that the «front opening Levant» ( the victory) and its partners have chosen to act in accordance with a method similar to the method «distracting fronts» adopted by the army in Aleppo encircle the process. It is noted that «Islamic Ahrar al - Sham movement» has registered a strong return to the field Halabi, having marked its participation in the battles «Ring» symbolic presence. Similarly entered the «Islamic Party of Turkestan» Recent battles Aleppo, it is known that «Turkestan» fighters specialize in offensive battles, versus semi refrain from participating in the defensive battles. And gaining the participation of the two groups mentioned dimensions beyond the battlefield, they Mahsuptan mainly on the Turkish arms. At the same time pointing out that the internal fault lines that link between the two halves of the city were little by beleaguered groups in the eastern neighborhoods move, contrary to what has been the practice in the battles that have already been launched by the group on foreign hubs, which usually coincide with other internal axes appeared. It seems too early to judge the reasons for this change and motivation.
The assertion Open final outcome of the attack seems to be premature, given the widening clashes and multiple axes. Until the early hours of dawn today were the battles have resulted in the success of the groups «army of conquest» in reaching wise School after two suicide consecutive days , were followed by clashes between pedestrians and face to face, which led to the neutralization of the Air Force. As the centerpiece of Hamdania, fierce battles have arrived at the project «1070» Apartment, which led to the displacement of the population (who are basically displaced from other areas, have stayed in the apartment complexes in the neighborhood despite the lack of inception) is complete. Most of the displaced, sleeping on mattresses outside in the neighborhood of Al - Furqan (a western neighborhoods of the city) are waiting for the morning. The attacks coincided with a target Hamdania residential neighborhood of the sprawling with missiles, cannons «hell». Despite assurances «media» put forward by opposition websites and media supporting them on the control of «military conquest» of the neighborhood said, is that Syria field sources told «News» that the fighting in the region is still in the process of hit and run (until two in the morning) amid intervention (late) of the Air Force. As is customary, accompanied by battles with pumping media which increasingly stepped «Opposition activists» and some media broadcast news consecutive Sitarat, big breakthroughs «achieved by opposition factions within the regime zones».
And gaining «Battle decoding the siege of Aleppo» exceptional importance to both sides of the battle, it is for the Syrian army and its allies represent the first (and most dangerous) real test for the newly milled collar. The themes that have launched attacks across the western neighborhoods sponsor status (under the control of the Syrian state) in the heart of the fire in the event of the success of groups in achieving a real breakthrough and install the control points. On the other side, the importance of the battle seems greater for the armed groups and their backers. In addition to what is represented by the success of groups in achieving fast for «Ring» break from the end to the siege of militants eastern neighborhoods before Taatzar actually its impact on the ground, apparently the latest attack as a «final» to balance opportunity and regain self and «close ranks» After that contributed to the defeats of confidence in recent disperse. At the same time, like the failure of the attack in achieving its objectives lead to completely opposite results, either morally, or the military, especially the battle is considered as a «first test» to the ability of the groups to get along after that proceeded «victory» step «decoder link »who was one of the « reasons to unite efforts failed », according to some of its partners.
Building :
Week Yemeni decisively and militarily ... negotiating a draft UN ... and the bombing of Aramco Najran
Modified victory leads the opposition in Aleppo fronts ... and vice de Mistura in Damascus
Berri and Hariri to keep hope in the dialogue meetings ... and the Hardan no laws vehicle
Bannaehsmt newspaper opposition groups that carry weapons and participate in the political process in Geneva, and the victory brought together behind the front that modulate its name under license and leave from the al - Qaeda leader Ayman al - Zawahiri and became a front opening Levant. News fronts Aleppo has been charged and surroundings references to extradite Front victory the leadership of the armed groups, and the assumption jus on all axes, after the fall of Bani Zeid , however , the Syrian army and its allies, and the subordination of the gunmen in the eastern neighborhoods of the city in the heart of the grip of the embargo , which opens the door to the existing settlements out of the war game, or face death follows a ruling.
Front victory leaders announced that they have begun the opposite offensive to retake the locations where the Syrian army and the Allied progress, Vachtalt all axes of Aleppo, and launched indiscriminate shelling of residential neighborhoods controlled by the Syrian army, to fall in Hamdania neighborhood alone a ten martyrs of civilians shortly before midnight yesterday, and fostered Nasra sites and armed groups reported to achieve a set of processes progress which proved to be just part of a psychological war, after it confirmed for «constructive» military sources , the follow - up of the situation in Aleppo that the control of the same lines, and that sneak who managed Front victory than done about the wisdom School being addressed after the killing of dozens of militants and destroy the mechanisms that accompanied them, and blow up armored personnel carrier driven by a suicide was accompanied by progress toward military sites, and that it is by virtue of ending . the rest themes, especially in Bani Zeid, Alcastelo and Leiramon they are the same, under the tight control of the Syrian army and its allies. While groups of the army and the Allies advanced on the axes of my Kinsabba and saved him in the countryside of Latakia , the northern and the southern countryside of Aleppo , which exploited the groups a chance Front victory and advanced to the truce, spin fierce battles in the two sites.
The rhythm shifts Aleppo arrived Ramsey Ramsey , deputy UN envoy Staffan de Mistura , to Damascus, and began a series of preparatory meetings to call for a round of talks in Geneva later this month, citing the approval of the Syrian government after his meetings, while the follow - up to the symbolic amount of Syrian officials are willing to discuss the sources said any papers set by the UN envoy to the talks table, and they are ready to discuss any positive proposals aimed to separate the ways to protect and provide relief to civilians and secure supply for armed groups, as already included many of the proposals that carry Delegates UN agencies assumed that their interest is limited to humanitarian affairs. In
conjunction with the Syrian landscape military escalating in Syria in favor of the state and its allies, and confusion UN envoy de Mistura , who is unable to protect the armed groups that consistently securing initiatives to save them from all the trouble facing it , the Government of Yemen Mansour Hadi backtracked on a decision to withdraw from the Yemeni talks in Kuwait, and accepted an extension for an additional week is supposed to be a crucial negotiating, the UN envoy Ismail Sheikh Ahmed , a discussion paper which, while Yemeni national forces recorded observations on the bias and paper UN envoy to calculate Arabia, and responded to the Saudi military escalation bombed warehouses company «Aramco» petroleum in the city of Najran , Saudi Arabia, after successfully targeting border military centers fell where officers and soldiers Saudis dead and wounded, to retrace the beginning of a week would be politically and militarily warm between Yemen and Saudi Arabia.
Lebanese are ready to meet the national dialogue committee meeting tomorrow, where he met Speaker Nabih Berri amid pessimism to make progress through dialogue sessions, Prime Minister Saad al - Hariri, in an attempt for not aware of the dialogue and the declaration of failure, and to keep a glimmer of hope represented by convergence through dialogue body, and the need for this purpose to look serious about the possibility of creating a political breakthrough, if not in the files Alsobein, presidential elections and the law of parliamentary elections, let it be in the rehabilitation of government action and give him a shipment payment is the understanding on adoption of the budget , while the head of the Syrian social nationalist party MP Assaad Hardan to exert efforts to overcome a serious breach of the dialogue meetings, especially on the front of the parliamentary election law, warning of the vehicle laws, which pre - empt the opportunities for change and visiting health representation, calling to possess the courage to go to a relative Aldaoir WAN to provide serious opportunities for the transfer of Lebanon a step forward in the modernization of its political system.
Hariri visited Berri on the eve of the dialogue on the eve of talk retreat August , which will last three days and dominate the domestic political movement, and after the visit of Prime Marada Minister Suleiman Franjieh appointed fig tree, visited Prime Minister Saad al - Hariri and Director his office Nader Hariri , parliament Speaker Nabih Berri yesterday evening, in the presence of Finance Minister Ali Hassan Khalil, Astbakahm ground to the dinner table.
They talked about the current developments in Lebanon and the region, and climate - related retreat national dialogue.
futuristic sources for «building»: the status quo and said parliamentary sources in the future stream for «constructive» that «nothing new in terms of the controversial files and the situation is still the same, sources denied knowledge of what is traded information on the election of General Michel Aoun as president this month, saying he did not put on the future Movement and the Hariri something like this ».
and about the bet the future on a table August talk shows, the sources pointed out that the future is open to the max on dialogue, but on others that Etjoboa with solutions and facilitate agreement on the election of the President», stressing that « the letter of the Secretary - General Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah , the recent escalation in the face of Saudi Arabia had a negative impact on the presidential file and the other files. » The sources denied the presence of al - Hariri dialogue sessions asserting that Prime Minister Fouad Siniora is who will represent the future on the table, noting that the ongoing meetings between Berri positive, necessary and Hariri. »
Berri door is still closed
and the transfer of visitors to Speaker Nabih Berri him for« constructive »that« door solutions still closed , especially in the presidential View Barre tries before the table holding intensive contacts with all parties to try to bring the views and make a breach of what to get out a solution in dialogue ».
Berri expressed astonishment about the rumors about the decline minister Franjieh his candidacy , or ask him to withdraw his candidacy, stressing that «this is not true», as he was quoted as saying that nothing new in the presidential issue is not at the level of the internal data and external ».
Hardan: reject electoral laws composite
the president of the Syrian social nationalist party MP Assaad Hardan the obstacles that are placed in front of the adoption of the law new elections based on the wide circle and relativism, prevents upgrading of political life and democracy in Lebanon, and devote the status of political inertia, pointing out that those who obstruct access to the electoral law to achieve the health of representation, they themselves are responsible for the vacuum in the presidency and in institutions, who are pushing to aggravate political, social, economic and living conditions of crisis.
during a meeting with a large delegation from the figures and sheikhs Sharon town mountain, Hardan warned against attempts to undermine democracy, slogans and vague rhetoric and concerns contrived, stressing that abide by the rules of democracy and culture, makes it imperative to walk in the direction of strengthening democracy through the achievement of health representation, through a modern election law.
Hardan stressed that the Syrian social nationalist party rejects electoral laws composite and hybrid because it is based on exclusionary and teleological philosophy, and inconsistent with the correct principles of democracy and also inconsistent with the principles of freedom and human rights that ensure equal rights for individuals.
He asked: How can tackle the challenges political, security, economic and social facing Lebanon and burdening the Lebanese, and how they can fortify Lebanon in the face of the occupation «Israel» and confront terrorism, and some non - serious political forces to reach understandings and consensus on national priorities, at the forefront of the election law and the election of the president of the Republic?
sifting democracy within «mainstream»
completed FPM yesterday, the primaries for the selection of potential candidates for the upcoming parliamentary elections in Beirut and Mount Lebanon and the North and Akkar and the Bekaa, Baalbek - Hermel and the south. The total turnout was reached, according to a statement mainstream 70.65 in all areas.
The leading sources of FPM for «constructive» that «what happened the previous day is sifting democracy within the mainstream of the candidates for the parliamentary elections process», saying that « the rehabilitation of the candidates of the current election process the next was launched first Bmrahltha whom will be selected actual candidates ».
the sources pointed out that« this process consists of three stages: the first was completed the day yesterday , a electorate Qaeda reconnaissance within the mainstream, the second public opinion poll on the level of the constituency eliminate the candidate is divided into two parts: the first poll An opinion will be in November and the second poll this December. The third phase is the final liquidation of the candidates who will run in the upcoming parliamentary elections ».
The sources stressed that« a past trend in democratic choice and get rid of discretionary stage for a long time continued in a number of Aldaoir and move to institutionalization, where some lawmakers working to weave a network of relations and special interests and not to work for the benefit of power belonging to him and not the national interest. » She emphasized that the «power in the Democratic race is within the power first. And a step today contribute to the cohesion of the current and pulls his determination to cleanse Almenthazeen from within and vaccinated in the face of external factors that are trying to rag inside and silencing his voice ».
Boroujerdi in Beirut
and on the impact of developments in the region, especially the field on the front of Aleppo, visiting Chairman of the Committee on National Security and Foreign Policy Council Iranian Majlis Alaeddin Boroujerdi Lebanon early next week.
military file to the fore
on the other hand, nine kidnapped the organization «Daash» military file back to the forefront two years after the abduction, where he carried out military families yesterday, a sit -in in the courtyard of Riad Solh protest at lack of «moving the coil», which , according to the expression «became forgotten by those concerned.» He asked Mgheit the kidnapped brother of a system of Abraham as the parents: «Where cell crisis , Mr. Prime Minister Salam ?, and why it no longer meets?», Waving escalation, saying «if we have we will go back to blocking roads, and Snahramkm sleep of a carefree, as Ahramtamona them two years ago».