Al-halbusi: non-oil government revenues increase of financial priorities for the next phase

31-07-2016 10:36 PM

Mp Mohammed Al-halbusi, Chairman of the parliamentary Finance Committee on Sunday; to increase non-oil revenues will be one of the priorities for the next phase of Financial Committee through ongoing work and issue legislation to it and activate the supervisory role and pursue what passed in the federal budget for this year and previous years under numerous items passed to increase non-oil revenues from State coffers and indicate the commitment of the parties concerned.

Mp Al-halbusi; to the financial and economic crisis facing the country put the parliamentary Finance Committee ahead of the responders to enhance the efficiency of financial and economic performance and the Iraqi banking which requires extra effort and collaboration of the Executive and legislative to overcome the current crisis.

He stressed to the parliamentary Finance Committee, that the next stage will be the work, coordination and cooperation within the national context and in the framework of international aid, grants and support mechanisms for employment rationalization and optimum use of the economy and the financial status of Iraq.Attorney drew Muhammad al-halbusi; thanks and gratitude for the confidence of his colleagues on the Finance Committee and elected him Chairman and mp Faleh Sari Vice President as a democratic mechanism through the reopening of the positions and vote by secret ballot, pledging to work as one team to promote the role of the Finance Committee and give back to our people and to support the Iraqi economy and work hard to increase government revenue