Iraq confirms Amadah securing its borders with Jordan and Syria

31-07-2016 | 7:13:59

Twilight News /

Iraqi government confirmed on Sunday it moves to secure roads and border association with Jordan and Syria, and the expulsion of the armed organizations that are located in the border areas with those two countries.

A spokesman for the Information Office of the Prime Minister, told a news briefing, he was "a commitment from the government and our heroic liberation of every inch of the land of Iraq from the control of terrorism, wanton has embarked on our combat forces editorial process Khalidiya Island as it represents an important goal ensures secure international highway link between Baghdad the borders of Iraq with Jordan and Syria, and to secure the city of Ramadi and the surrounding areas are complete and permanent - and already for our troops to restore them from the grip of terrorism - and cut supply from terrorist gangs in the Heat Island and what it represents restore Khalidiya an island of support for the government's efforts to accelerate the return of displaced people in these areas to lines their homes. "

"The Iraqi forces have been able to accomplish the first page of the editing process according to the plans set specific targets by the Joint Special Operations Command."