Basra is conducting a lottery applicants to work in the oil companies and choose 86 of them.

Sunday, July 31, 2016-4:26 pm

The local Government of Basra about lots of appointments today for applicants for jobs in the oil companies working in the fields.

The central operating Office official said at the Town Hall Nihad in SMC llmrbed that a company contracting with the shell oil company, Perkins and working on crazy two weeks ago requested a number of alwazaev and lots and selecting applicants on the central operating Office Online to bring to the company according to the differentiation of the places most affected by oil field and genomic extractions.

He added that applicants who are married and have children given priority in recruitment, as well as some special cases.

He said the number of grades attained 86 and that applicants for these jobs exceeded 8000 stating that after choosing names will be sent to the company, which will continue with the admitted applicants contacted to complete the procedures for their appointment.