Agriculture waiting for cultivating modern villages experience


The Ministry of Agriculture seeks to mainstream modern provincial villages too, because of its economic importance in the development of the agricultural sector through an investment of thousands of acres of unused land, as well as employment.

Technical agent for the USDA Mahdi Al-Qaisi, the experience of modern villages began to bear fruit with the start of distribution of lands and houses between eligible invested properly, indicating that these villages within the Ministry's objectives in promoting the sector developed through the years.

He noted that these villages have important economic feasibility, as well as land investment in increased crop production competitive strategy, it will contribute to employment and the provision of adequate housing for eligible, indicating a direction to experiment in most provinces. Karbala Governorate was distributed last week territory and modern village houses between covered. For his part, supported agricultural expert Fadhil Jassim present experience which counted «successful». Jassim suggested at SMC» morning», creating more of a modern village in each province, especially the provinces which enjoy fallow agricultural areas kwast and salads.

Under offline, Wasit governorate agricultural lands between the time the modern village, and began distributing 100 residential house. The Director of agriculture and mriosh Chief Engineer of Wasit for» morning»: the circle is distributed four thousand dunums of village land amounting to a total of five thousand acres between 100 free arm of veterinarians and agricultural institutes graduates, 40-acre each time.

He added that a Special Committee of the Chamber began distributing 100 residential house of 110 role of modern agricultural village between time, as well as all other institutions such as schools and health clinic and kindergarten and other service facilities