Vice-Kilani: National Conference has become the rule in missing .. And Iraqi forces will not give up on the Convention of Arbil

Date: Monday 16/4/2012 8:37

Baghdad (news) .. counting MP / coalition in Iraq / Jamal al-Kilani, the National Conference by virtue of the missing, adding that his list would not object to any solution to the political crisis, but it will not leave entitlement to the implementation of the remainder of the terms of Arbil.
said Kilani said in a statement (of the Agency news): The Iraqi List, sought to convene a national conference as soon as possible and will mobilize all its means to make it a success but there is a "stall" (ie, delay) by the National Alliance on his contract, Maady to the failure of the Preparatory Committee to reach the agenda.
He added: National Conference is now in the governance of the lost or forsaken There will be no point in convening a lack of seriousness of the political blocs to the implementation of the agreements entered into before the formation of the government (the Convention on Arbil, which was within the initiative of President of Kurdistan Region Masoud Barzani.)
The MP for the coalition in Iraq to: that the Iraqi List will not leave the dialog in the event of a national conference, on the other hand will not leave her and her constituents in the application of the remainder of the terms of Arbil.
this and failed the Preparatory Committee of the National Congress several times to reach a date for the conference, also failed to prepare the agenda of the conference, believes analysts and observers of the political process there is no point in convening the National Convention in light of the political blocs to hold their positions and demands that convulsive Some argue that their demands for constitutional and others it deems contrary to the Constitution. / Finished / 2. for. m /