Iraqi Defense Minister: with the approach of security forces regain control of Mosul. Leaders of the Islamic State are selling their belongings and fleeing toward Syria

July 31, 2016

Baghdad (AP)

Iraqi Defense Minister Khalid Al-Obeidi from selling Islamic State leaders in Mosul, Northern Iraq, their kingdoms, and to escape the city with security forces to regain control.

Iraqi forces launched operations to regain control of the areas around the city of Mosul, Iraq's second largest city dominated Islamic State beginning June 2014.

Al-Obeidi said during a tv interview with an Iraqi governmental channel, that "many families in the Islamic State leaders have sold their property and withdrew towards Syria."

He said during the interview that aired Saturday evening that "some try sneaking up towards the territory" in reference to Kurdistan.

The Minister explained that "the problems started between the Princes on the money taken from various foreign or Iraqi Arabic or slides.

And Mosul the last city still under the control of the extremist organization, and restoring control challenges regarding preparation of displaced people requires the preparation of a plan to secure humanitarian requirements.

And the International Committee of the Red Cross warned of the exodus of nearly one million people could flee their homes as part of the fight against the jihadists in particular connector.

Iraqi forces are implemented to support the international coalition led by Washington, successive operations to regain control of the areas in the North and West of the country, but a ferocious attack in jihadists June 2014.