The popular crowd opens first hospital for physical therapy and physiotherapy in Basra.

Saturday 30 July 2016 21:13

Sumerian news/Basrah

The Bureau said the crowd in Basra Saturday, the opening of the first integrated hospital in the province of altibai therapy and physiotherapy for free medical services for injured fighters, in Exchange for a symbolic price for other citizens.

The Director of the Bureau in the province Ammar Al-Jaafari in the interview for alsumaria news, "wounded and rehabilitation Department of the popular crowd opened hours before the first specialty hospital for physiotherapy and physical medical rehabilitation for injured after making the types of surgeries", stating that "the hospital is running a Government palaces left behind by the ousted regime, have been equipped with modern medical equipment, a foreign medical team has been assigned to work in the hospital for several months."

"Jaafari drew hospital will provide free medical services for wounded Mujahedin, in Exchange for a symbolic price for other citizens of Basra, adding that the hospital can receive beneficiaries at a rate of 20 to 30 a day.

Office Manager, confirmed that "the wounded who need rehabilitation and physiotherapy and a physicist were suffering from the lack of a medical center or hospital specialist of this kind in the province," adding that they "were forced to travel to Baghdad for treatment.

Basra is the main tributary of the popular crowd, since the majority of fighters and a large percentage of field commanders, owns most of the factions and the crowd in offices and Badr Organization (military wing), Hezbollah brigades and battalions Mr martyrs, awaited Brigade, and peace brigades and Saraya Al-Quds, creed and supporters of Ashura, AHL headbands, Youth Brigade, prophetic, nujaba movement, Sadr forces, and loyal supporters of God movement.

**From late last night, just found it interesting about the use of "palaces" as well as another "first" in Iraq**