Syria re-exports groceries to Iraq via sea

Sunday, July 31, 2016 3:37 AM

Baghdad/ Iraq TradeLink: Syrian exporters' federation disclosed that the Syrian groceries were exported to Iraq via a vessel to Turkey then to Iraq.

The federation added that the ship left for Turkish Latakia city and the groceries shall be transported by land to Arbil, Kurdish region then to the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

This was the first vessel to be sent to Iraq, with expectation of more exports to Iraq to support the Syrian agricultural season.

The Syrian side was obliged to ship their products by sea due to inability to move on the land, despite all promises to open the land routes in the near future.

The Syrian side does not expect that the Turkish side will object this new way to exports to Iraq via its territorial waters.

Last October, Iraq and Syria signed a memorandum of understanding to organize trade between the two countries and marketing the Syrian products.