Erdogan wants to put intelligence and chief of staff under his authority

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, he wanted to put the CIA and the army chief of staff under the direct authority, and two weeks after the failed military coup which aimed to oust him.

Erdogan said in an interview with the channel "a story" television "we will conduct a constitutional reform simple (in parliament) would if it was passed to put the National Intelligence Agency and chief of staff under the authority of the presidency."

But approval of this constitutional amendment , which enhances the powers of the president requires a two - thirds majority in parliament , which means that the ruling Justice and Development Party needs to get support from some of the opposition parties.

The Prime Minister Ben Ali Yildirim announced on July 26 that the main parties in the opposition is ready to work with him on the drafting of a new constitution for the country.

On the other hand the Turkish president said in a television interview , it will be closed all military schools in the country and open a new military university dedicated to the graduation of the officers, as quoted by "AFP."

" The military schools will be closed, and will be the introduction of a national university."

And the impact of the failed military coup that took place on July 15 Turkish army has seen significant alterations included the dismissal of nearly half of his generals (149 generals and admirals). It has been appointed deputy chief of staff General Yasar Guler commander of the gendarmerie, and the appointment of the first army chief General Umid Dundar assistant to the chief of staff.

To compensate for the shortfall caused by the cleansing process and the sacking of 149 generals and admirals, 99 colonels were promoted to the rank of general or admiral.

And the state of emergency imposed for a period of three months after the attempted coup , Erdogan stressed that it can be stretched as it did after France attacks targeted.

"If you are no longer things to normal during the period of the current state of emergency it can be extended."
Since the coup attempt was stopped more than 18,000 people in custody. Currently it is prosecuted about ten thousand of those.