Tunisian parliament withdraw confidence from the government of Habib Essid

Tunisian members of parliament voted in favor of the confidence in the government headed by Habib Essid by blocking, and after only a year and a half of its formation.
The vote on the proposal to withdraw confidence from the government had the support of 118 votes, more than the number of votes required to make the vote a 109 votes , according to the Tunisian constitution, after a lengthy session lasted until Saturday evening.
The fishing government has faced sharp criticism in Tunisia because of what was said to have failed to eliminate the economic crisis and unemployment, the reduction of armed attacks by jihadists.
But it seems that such an outcome was unexpected to a large extent as fishing , he said ahead of the meeting that he knows that the vote would be against him, but he wants to decide on the future of the government in a constitutional manner and not leave under pressure
Faced fishing (67 years) growing criticism since the Tunisian president Beji Kaid Essebsi appeared on state television, criticizing the failure of public administration, as proposed to form a new national unity government.
The government has seen a reshuffle last January, after riots and protest demonstrations against the backdrop of rising cost of living, unemployment and the economic crisis experienced by Tunisia.
And declared a state of emergency in the country since last November, following the armed attack that left 12 people dead from the elements of the Republican Guard, as 59 people were killed , mostly last year , foreign tourists in an attack on holidaymakers in Sousse Beach, which attacks adopted by the organization of the so - called Islamic State, and involving Tunisian militants.
Tunisia has come under increasing violence since the 2011 revolution that overthrew Zine El Abidine Ben Ali , killing dozens of police, soldiers and civilians.