Parliament voted to ban the Baath Party Law and the draft law of the Council and finish reading the laws 6 [Extended]

2016/7/30 19:16


House of Representatives voted in its seventh regular legislative term of the first third legislative year, headed by Salim al-President of the Council and in the presence of 288 deputies Today Saturday, 30.07.2016 ban on Baath Party Law stated the House bill, while ending the first and second readings of the six draft laws.

According to a statement to the House of Representatives received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of which was "in the beginning of the meeting was followed by a representative of the victims of the terrorist bombing in the Karrada district during his attendance at the meeting, accompanied by a number of families of the victims issued a statement that suggested the Karrada City made a lot of martyrs for many years , demanding pace comeuppance against criminals responsible for the bombing and to consider the Karrada disaster area and compensate the victims and the reconstruction of the region and speed up the completion of investigations with the security services responsible in the region and implementation of the death penalty in the same scene, stressing that the vote on demands is part of the fulfillment of that Council undertake follow-up the demands of the people of Karrada.

The Board voted unanimously to the demands of the families of victims of the bombing of Karrada.
He stressed Jubouri said the council is still waiting for the report on the bombing in the Karrada district and take deterrent sanctions and punishment of the perpetrators and instigators of the incident.

For his part, followed by the Attorney Arafat Karam statement to mark the passage of 33 years for the crime of the former regime to annihilate Alborzanyen noting that the dictatorial regime oldest in order to eliminate the Kurdish movement libertarian to kill 8000 people from Albarzanyen shown by the mass graves after his fall, calling for commitment to compensate the victims of crimes against Albarzanyen and hard work in the international community to be considered genocide.

The Board voted unanimously to proceed with the context, as announced by the President of the House of Representatives.

House Speaker also pointed out that the Council identified on Monday as the date for the interrogation of Khalid al-Obeidi, the defense minister, noting that the council received a formal letter from the Ministry of Defence indicated it that the Minister of Defense, who was an official envoy to the United States, see after returning to questions submitted to it and demanded select a new date to attend to answer questions.

The Board refused to postpone the process of questioning and defense minister in the House of Representatives, that they are on schedule.

On the other hand, called al-Jubouri, the relevant committees to create a general amnesty laws and to demonstrate peacefully, accountability and justice for the purpose of presentation in the next meeting.

And the Presidium of the Council decided to postpone the vote on the judges of the Appeals competent consideration of appeals on the decisions of the accountability and justice next week to see the biographies of the candidates for the purpose.

In another aspect, the Council voted on the steps of a bill modifying the law of accountability and justice, submitted by the Committee of reconciliation, accountability and justice for a vote on Tuesday in a hearing next week.

The Council voted on a draft ban on Baath entities dissolved parties and racist terrorist and Takfiri and submitted by the committees of reconciliation and accountability, justice and security, defense, legal and human rights, the fact that the democratic system in Iraq based on political pluralism and peaceful transfer of power that the Constitution had been adopted principles of justice, equality, freedom and respect for human rights and the activities of the party law and that the Constitution provides in Article (7) of the necessity for legislation which prohibits any entity or program that adopts racism, terrorism or atonement, or ethnic cleansing or incites, facilitates, glorifies, promotes, or justify it, especially the Baath and its symbols under any name was not to return dictatorship visits other.

Council finished reading the report and discuss the draft law of accountability and justice, submitted by the Committee of reconciliation, accountability and justice.
In the interventions of Representatives lawmaker Mahmoud Hassan stressed the importance of taking account of the Baathists real action.
He said MP Ahmad electrodes to be adjusted very important law from being a political agreement to form a government laws, calling for the completion of the work of the body and an end to its being one of the transitional institutions until its turn to the judicial side of the accounting involved with the blood of Iraqis.

He MP Abbas al-Bayati, that the authority should submit a report stating its end so that the House of Representatives decision to be resolved, and called for controls to exception-based justice.

He said MP Ammar Tohme was no need to give a job description for the vice-President of the Commission and only board member body, calling for giving power to the cabinet instead of the Prime Minister for the purpose of the exception.

The MP Khalid al-Asadi the importance of setting standards for the contents of the bill to allow those shares of the Baathists in the construction of the state after 2003 to return to the job and not keeping it vague.

For his part, MP Abdul Rahman Alloizi demanded the cancellation of exceptions and retroactively in order to achieve justice and equality.

The MP noted Risan Sheikh Dler that the importance of holding a legal amendments to certain paragraphs to fit with some of the constitutional provisions in order to mature the bill.
She stressed olive-Dulaimi, an MP on the importance of focusing on the perpetrators of crimes against the Iraqi people, regardless of rank partisan.

In its reply to the interventions of the Committee on confirmed that the solution of the accountability and justice linked to the end of its tasks, expressing its willingness to accept the ladies and gentlemen of Representatives proposals for the purpose of fueling the bill.

The Council discussed the consequences faced by Nineveh editing process based on the application submitted by MP Ahmad al-Jarba.

The MP Jarba on the need to establish coordination mechanisms between the federal government and deputies of Nineveh and partisan Democratic and Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), criticizing the weakness of the measures taken to face the crisis of displaced expected, demanding to know the possibility of the government's ability to provide relief materials to the displaced, calling on the provincial government to provide assistance to secure the return of 2,000 families from one of the camps in Syria to Iraq as well as the importance of receiving 5000 fighters in the ranks of the security forces to take part in the battle of Mosul.

In the interventions of Representatives, Rep. Triumph Jubouri pointed out the importance to include Council resolution obliging the government to creating camps equipped with all the necessary humanitarian Musltzmat and find safe outlets for civilians and are not subjected to shelling and the provision of wheels to take them and pay urgent grants to displaced families.

MP Fares Alberfkana the formation of a national disaster and mini take responsibility to help the displaced and adopt a clear strategy for the relationship and the administration to the city of Mosul to remedy events body.

The MP called Nora Albjara to the need for the government's readiness to receive large numbers of displaced people during the battle to liberate Mosul.

He MP Ribawar Taha to the lack of coordination between the central government and the province regarding sheltering displaced people, calling for strengthening coordination between them.
He called on the Attorney Joseph Saliwa to involve all components and parties in the liberalization process of the Nineveh province and unite against gangs Daash, alluding to address the problems following the liberation of the province.

I suggest Haider Alfoada the government to invite the neighboring countries to contribute to the provision of assistance to Iraq in its crisis humanity coincide with the size of the displaced people from the province of Nineveh.
He noted the MP Abdel Rahim al-Shammari to the importance of paying financial assistance to the displaced and the need for the presence of cadres of the ministries concerned in the camps for displaced people, calling to expedite the return of the displaced to their areas liberated.

MP Ammar Tohme on the need for the participation of all forces and Alsnov in the battle of Mosul without causing intersection in the plans and military operations.
The MP pointed pioneer Isaac importance of resolving political differences to facilitate the liberalization process of Nineveh and security in areas after its liberation, as well as giving an important role to the people of the areas protected.
In turn, praised the MP Ahmed al-Jubouri, the absence of serious reduce nasal arming Nineveh police and the crowd clan to participate in the battles for liberation.

MP Haneen Qadu the need to resolve the issue of the disputed areas by the enactment in the House of Representatives ends related problems.
He called Abdul Kahar Samarrai, the House of Representatives to pass a resolution obliging the government to go before the military preparations for the provision of humanitarian supplies.
For his part, the Vice President of the Council drew Nineveh province to hold a hearing to gather recommendations and submit them form a decision in the next session of the vote.

On the other hand, the Council completed the first reading of the proposed Act to amend the Companies Act No. 21 of 1997 as amended and submitted by the Committee of Tourism in order to grant the public sector the best opportunity to play a more active role in the development process and the development of economic activity within the time frame of the plans the state and for the maintenance of public money in companies mixed contribution.

The Board completed the first reading of the draft accession of the Republic of Iraq to the Maritime Labour Convention of the Law of 2006 and the accession of the Republic of Iraq to the identity documents sailors No. agreement (185) for the year 2003 and submitted by the committees of Foreign Affairs and Labour and Social Affairs relations in order to ensure fair competition and preservation of the marine labor rights and the right of the seas in the work under decent conditions and covering all aspects of their work and their lives on board the vessels as well as the use of modern techniques in the preparation and printing of the identities of the sailors granted by the State to them for the purpose of leave that country and return to it and the use of software and sophisticated network of international contacts to save the data, records and registers and checking identities.

The Board completed the first reading of the draft challenged the interests of law provisions and decisions of the land ownership and submitted by the Legal Committee for the purpose of correcting mistakes in judgments and decisions issued by the courts and committees formed under the Real Property Claims Act from the competent authority in restitution and land reform issues, which gained a degree of bits lapse of time or ratification.

The Presidency has decided to postpone the first reading of the draft law and the rights of Turkmens submitted by the Commission on Human Rights.

The Board had read the report and discuss the draft second amendment to the law of the guards nightclubs Law No. (8) for the year 2000. The report of the committee of security and defense, financial and legal

In the interventions of Representatives MP Fatima Hamidi stressed the need to amend the law being hurt the interests of the guards nightclubs and the owners of the role and shops and others.
He said MP Adnan al-Asadi to the importance of determining who collects money for the purpose of distributing the salaries of the guards nightclubs with a cap salary of at least 400,000.
And it showed the MP Zainab Arif visual importance to be guards nightclubs work within their home areas.
The MP noted Birwan Khilani to the importance of choosing the guards away from the political parties and the endorsement of the region's population.
The MP called Nora Albjara to show the conditions of appointment by the media and the processing required nightclubs guards with weapons.

In its reply to the interventions of the Committee on confirmed, taking into consideration the opinions of the ladies and gentlemen of Representatives on the bill's proposals.

Council and began reading the report and discuss the draft to maintain the documents submitted by the legal committees, culture and media law.
In the interventions MP Abbas al-Bayati stressed that the main objective of the bill focuses on the financial side to raise some fees.

She said the MP Najiba Najib said the law is devoid of definitions and requires a tab in an orderly fashion, calling for the provision and Saiil to achieve the objectives of the law.

In its reply to the interventions relevant committee confirmed that the amendment came to the imperatives of urgency was added amendments to the powers granted to the Council of Ministers instead of the Ministry of Culture in order to protect the documents.

Council and he finished reading the report and discuss the second amendment to the law of private investment liquidation of crude oil Law No. (64) for the year 2007 and submitted by the committees of the oil, energy, economy and investment.

In the interventions of the ladies and gentlemen of Representatives on the law, MP Hassan Turan stressed the need to subject companies to invest advanced scientific and technical conditions with the inclusion of quality and the need to refineries commitment to environment-friendly standard and specifications

For its part, the relevant committee stressed the importance of partnership with international companies in the investment process for the development of Iraq's oil production and improved to serve the public interest.

It was decided to adjourn the meeting to a later day next Monday, 01/08/2016.