The progress of the development policies of the Institute held a seminar on the introduction of the electronic currency in doing business cash

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Economy News / Baghdad ...

Holding the progress of the development policies of the Institute, said Saturday a symposium under the title of (economic importance of direct and semantic) for the introduction of electronic trading in the cash currency dealing.

Houdralndoh and Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq on the Keywords and director of Rafidain Bank and a representative of the Iraqi private banks association and a number of economies and Iraqi bankers.

Said Governor of the Central Bank during the symposium which was attended by "Economy News" The next year, 2017, will see the launch of the electronic currency after the termination of the bank from setting up the infrastructure necessary for the operation of electronic payment through the mail dinar Oualbtaqat E, which facilitates transactions between state institutions, noting that the end of the year current or early next year will work directly in the new Central Bank building.

He noted the central bank governor that the country is facing economic challenges, and overcome them dependent on an improvement Osaralinvt as a financier president to balance the country, pointing to the existence of indicators demonstrate near Osaralinvt rise in global markets.

For his part, President of the National Business Council David Abdul Zayer, that the seminar aims to address the great imbalance suffered by the banking deal today, noting that 77% of the Iraqi currency bloc are still outside the banking system and 23% within the system, noting that it means that the state funds only within banks and private sector funds and staff salaries are outside the banking system

He pointed out that this percentage Tahrkhalla clear to the Iraqi Aljhazalmsrvi, calling for the introduction of money into the banks, stressing the need for the Central Bank of Iraq to take effective measures to replace the electronic currency dealing.

He explained that the central bank has a plan of action specified time / two years, coming ceiling / are discussed in today's process has reached a good opinion and outputs so that the picture became clearer at economists and participants in the symposium.

For his part, stressed the representative of the Iraqi private banks association Mohammad Tariq During the seminar, the importance of electronic banking in the work of banks and providing innovative banking services through electronic communication networks, indicating that the communications and information revolution has given rise to substantial changes in the nature of the work of the banking and finance and e-commerce sector, especially using electronic media, particularly the Internet.

He noted that the banking system, leading to the settlement of salaries of government and private institutions of government and civil Abralmassarv and thus limit the operations of administrative corruption and get rid of the phenomenon of aliens that have emerged recently.

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