Karbala is moving to implement electronic counter project

eading to the holy city of Karbala to implement e - meter project in a move aimed at reducing Aldhaiat and reduce the excessive use of energy and to increase processing rates, calling on the Ministry of Electricity to make way for one of theIranian companies to implement the project. Chairman of the Committee on Energy and Fuel in the provincial council satisfaction Silawi, revealed «morning» for thedetermination of the province to implement e - counter project to rationalize consumption, as it is currently applied in Lebanon, Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia. He pointed to a visit by delegates from the province to some of these countries for the Electronic counters and how they work models and their contribution to reducing Aldhaiat and reduce the excessive consumption of energy , whether in the home or industrial, commercial and agricultural projects. the Ministry of Electricity has announced that the power output amounted to 14,355 MW, and that the next few days will witness an increase in the volume of production as a result of theintroduction of new generating units, but it appealed to citizens and provinces to abide by quotas and the rationalization of energy because these two things contribute to deprive other areas of energy. He Sailawi to the local government and the Department of the distribution of the province agreed with the Iranian company to implement the project, as it will contribute to the reduction of 60 percent of theconsumption ratio, explaining that the Karbala currently receives 560 MW and adopt a schedule operationally two hours running like extinction, and in the case of work on the project, the conservative Sikvaha 400 MW for the sustainability Alkahraba.obin the usefulness and importance of the conditions for granting theIranian company contract implementation, as it will provide the Ministry ofElectricity between eight to 10 billion dinars per month through the payment collection by citizens, as well as the company pledged to pay 80 percent of thedistribution department staff salaries and maintenance of the columns, transformers and electrical wiring in all residential neighborhoods. He pointed to the agreement with the company also increase the project workers and shorten thetime of execution of nine months to four, along with the establishment of a temporary network in the slums of while raising abuses or install them and provide the counters for the citizens, because these neighborhoods consume large amounts of energy, stressing that citizens will not tolerate the burden of a physical or an increase in the wages of electricity, but will be limited it to repay his trust of wage consumption. Sailawi called on the Ministry of Electricity to speed up the approval of the implementation of the project and make way for this company to enter the province, indicating that the local government refuses to fully implement projects by subcontractors or through a third party, as happened with the Korean company that carried out the project power plant north of the city , which dropped its production from 300 MW to less than 20 MW, noting at the same time a desire tomaintain administration and the Department of electricity in the completion of theproject by the Iranian company. he that the province suffers from an energy crisis, so must the Ministry of Electricity to increase its efforts to solve them, as well as the need for citizen 's commitment to a culture of energy conservation by conducting an organized media campaigns and urge the payment collection, as it does not reimburse 80 percent of the citizens of any sums of money to meet theelectricity service that may up to billions of dinars.