New deals of corruption in the Ministry of large amounts of electricity (with documents and details)

An informed source ( the Iraqi position) , for the conclusion of the Ministry ofElectricity contract to buy fire trucks for one of its departments, through the General Motors Co., with a single wheel value , according to more than 464 million dinars and German origin decade, but what arrived in Iraq, is a Chinese car and the value It amounts to only 180 million dinars.

The source said that the Directorate General of Projects gas production, and its representative Sabih Ishak Caddo , in his capacity as general manager, had arranged this decade, in 2011, with the General Company for the automotive industry, represented by the "Adnan Hamad," general manager to meet 5% of the contract amount.

He added that the real price of these cars does not exceed 180 million dinars, while the contract price 559 million dinars and the quality of the other amounted to 464 million dinars, more than three times the real price, in addition to that all the wheels equipped contain defects and non-matching.

He said there is information that the documents and shipping documents are all fake, and it's a Chinese origin contrary to the contract which committed the second party processing of German origin.

He noted that "Caddo signed the contract agreement of businessman Fadel Dabbas, in charge of the deal secret.

Here is a copy of the contract signed between the parties, and includes the terms and conditions of the wheels and the amounts allocated to them.