Head of CIA: I'm not optimistic about the unity of Syria

Chairman of the Central Intelligence Agency said (CIA) , John Brennan, on Friday, he is not optimistic about the future of the unity of Syria.
Brennan said at the annual security forum Aspen: " I do not know whether you can or can not return Syria uniform again."
The Brennan 's remarks public recognition rarely by a senior US official, that Syria might not remain on their current status after the war began in March 2011.
Brennan also criticized the intervention of Russian President Vladimir Putin to protect his Syrian counterpart Bashar al - Assad regime.
He added: "Turning (Putin) to Syria with a strong military large to prevent the collapse of the Assad regime. That is going? What will he do politically to be able to protect its interests? ".
He said the senior US official: "Syria more issue I faced in my career complicated, because there are a lot of internal and external factors and a lot of conflicting goals with each other."