Jabouri confirms: urgent committees to establish a Conference of Sunnis in Iraq

2016-07-29 at 20:01

Baghdad the balance of news

The speaker said Salim Jabouri, Friday, he stkshal committees to establish a General Conference for Sunnis in Iraq.

Jabouri made the announcement during a surprise visit appeared to Mufti General met with the Mufti Sheikh Mehdi sumaiydah advisory statement said that Jen llgbori, presented "a detailed explanation about the draft General Conference for Sunnis in Iraq, and the Mufti General Conference as valid stubs to establish Iraq Conference which brings Iraqis and unify their ranks."

The speaker said, according to the statement received/balance of news, a copy of it, "his eagerness and direct support for the Conference, and urgent committees will be to arrange the Conference papers.

The Secretary General lauded Mufti visited Jabouri "as a serious step to project harmony, harmony, coexistence and dialogue among the people of Iraq, and a turning point in the life of exclusion and marginalization to rise of vehicle safety and brotherhood and cooperation"