Urgent reference criticized the House bill and the granting of financial privileges for parliamentarians [Extended]
[Oan- Baghdad]
criticized the supreme religious authority, the House bill and the granting of new financial privileges to members of parliament.
The representative of reference , Sheikh Abdul Mahdi al - Karbalai in a Friday sermon delivered from inside the saucer - Husseini "we Nstsgr ourselves and feel ashamed in front of the sacrifice of volunteers models of Iraqis who have reached the summit in their faith and devotion and Tdhehm and stand them in honor they folks to be a role model and just like all of us."
However , to say "but in return , and unfortunately there are others who are still mainly after privileges mundane and seek a more material benefits while it was expected to be including in the minimum semi volunteers in giving and sacrifice, but they refuse to be well , there's no power but from God Almighty." Referring to the House bill, read by an Act of Parliament first reading.
He Karbalai to that, "In the present era of God written on the Iraqis to strive for themselves and their money in defense of the land and the supply and shrines in front of attack savages Aldoaash Vhbwa so young and old , and raced to come to the battlefront to do in this great task and made ​​many sacrifices and have achieved important victories ask God to bless them out and completes it in the near future to freeing all Iraqi ground of terrorism Aldaasha. "
the parliament has read 18 of last July , the first reading of House Bill submitted by the legal and financial committees, financial and denied in parliament that the law includes the privileges of it , "declared that he" issued by the presidency of the Republic. "
said parliament Speaker Salim al - Jubouri, in the parliamentary session last Tuesday, that" everything that has provoked in regards to the House of Representatives privileges far from reality and there is a campaign of abuse against legislative institution , "adding that the law" did not vote on it , but has read the first reading will be amendments to it during subsequent readings. "
criticized the Office of the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi presidency of the Council of Representatives" for urgency in the presentation of the draft law to the parliament without sufficient legal review "strongly denying" news of the cabinet legislation law and send it to parliament , "adding that he" objected to any additional privileges and considers it a violation of the reforms passed, which overturned a previous privileges , "calling for the House of Representatives to cooperate and not to add new financial concessions for the Council."
and that , "said the Constitution the powers of all powers not stipulated to enact a law for the work of the House of Representatives, but the text that lays the House of Representatives as well as the Council of Ministers rules of procedure and organize its work and therefore, the law legislation above has no constitutional justification for what was to preside over the House of Representatives of urgency in the presentation of the bill to the Council without adequate legal review. "
revealed a member of in the parliamentary legal committee said the House bill submitted by former Vice President Khodair al in the previous government.
ultra Sheikh Ali said in a televised statement on Thursday, said that " the bill is old and not new , a provider of Khuzai exists in the inclusion of parliament since its previous session and did not prescribed to now , "he said , adding, that" the law it has a lot of notes , including the privileges of the members of the House of Representatives , whether in salary or passports and other "noting that" the MP who holds a doctorate up his salary to 10 million dinars , according to this law , and be less for this certificate. " http://www.alliraqnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=44494