Foreign Affairs: Kuwait agreed to a proposal to sponsor a donors ' Conference in preparation for the battle of Mosul

Friday 29 July 2016 15:21

Sumerian news/Baghdad

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, revealed Friday, Kuwaiti Government agreed on a proposal by Iraq to take care of a donor conference in preparation for the battle of liberating Mosul from the control of the regulation of "ISIS", pointing out that Kuwait has promised to initiate the setup steps for the Organization of the Conference.

Ministry spokesman Ahmad Jamal in interview for alsumaria news, that "some countries that speak of its support for Iraq in its fight against terrorism did not have any input in the donors conference held in Washington, which Iraq received a grant worth about $ 1.2 billion, which at the time contributed some 31 countries, notably the United States, Canada, Japan, Germany and Kuwait.

He added, "the Foreign Minister Ibrahim Al-Jaafari suggested that the Kuwaiti side sponsored a conference coming to donors in preparation for the battle of Mosul, Kuwait has expressed its approval of the proposal and promised to initiate the setup steps for regulation".

And Foreign Minister Ibrahim Al-Jaafari, Sunday (24 July 2016) that the level of attendance at the donors ' Conference held recently in Washington was good, noting that the amount of donations has reached two billion two hundred million dollars is not a little but does not rise to the roof needed.

As count Prime Minister Haider Abadi, Wednesday (20 July 2016) international donors conference held in Washington as "an important step" on the path of rising international military support for Iraq in its fight against Al "ISIS", noting that the Conference would be a "quantum leap" in the disbursement of funds from donor countries to support the Iraqi Government and return to their displaced file after editing.