Kirkuk hire a private company to secure electricity

2016/7/29 10:43

{Kirkuk: Euphrates news}

Kirkuk Council Chief riboar ultra conservative resolve, renewing her contract with a private company to provide electricity for five or 10 years to come.

Talabani said in a press statement that "keep negotiates with the Ministry of electricity in Baghdad to lift its share of national energy."

Talabani said Kirkuk, request after receiving the displaced people who formed an additional drain on energy, proposing conversion of civilians displaced by provincial quotas to Kirkuk to compensate.

Prime Minister Haider Abadi had called during a meeting of the supreme body for coordination between the provinces and allotted to power distribution between the provinces Monday to stop the conflict between the provinces on electrical energy and commitment to quotas and refusal to take each province has its own resolution saying go to refer to private collection which he proved successful in some areas of Baghdad, demanding officials pay the electricity bills.