Deputy Speaker of Parliament Aram Sheikh Mohammed , emphasizes the importance of intensifying efforts for the post - Daash terrorist configuration for the return of displaced people to their homes.


Deputy head of the Iraqi parliament Aram Sheikh Mohammed stressed the importance of intensifying efforts and standardization of all parties and stakeholders for the configuration of the post - Daash terrorist , and the return of displaced families to their homes and reconstruction of life for those areas affected by the fighting and military operations, he was speaking sovereignty during a meeting in his office a delegation of the US international Republican Institute, as the two sides discussed the functioning of the parliament and the work of the committees and working contexts and laws ready for legislation.
Sheikh Mohammed said in the meeting by saying , "In spite of the existence of the problems and the accumulation of crises in the past two years, and was an important experience has not been easy but we try to learn from past mistakes and not repeat them in this new legislative term and strengthen the supervisory role and improve the performance of the House of Representatives and the interaction with the issues and files hot and the adoption of laws that serve the citizens and push the wheel of life and the political process forward.