Cleric calls for the armed forces, especially the "Kurdish brothers" to restore Mosul and exceeded "marginal issues"

Twilight News / Reference Mohammad Taqi said school officials in Iraq and Syria and the armed forces on the need to accelerate the restoration of the cities of Mosul and tenderness of the control of the organization "Daash."
He called the school said in a statement on Friday, "the heroes of Iraq officials and the armed forces and all those who care about the Iraqi people in the north and the south and Kurds in particular the restoration of Nineveh dear brothers and exceed marginal issues." He added: "The world is still in a stupor from the command of terrorism and its dangers to civil peace," adding that we have a responsibility to fight for ourselves and for all the peoples of the earth. " And he saw the school that "there are those who hold the region's wars absurd on behalf of the Zionists", pointing out that the rogue states in the region still occupies the area of ​​wars absurd on behalf of the Zionists who initiated the joy historical weakness that hit the Arab countries and was evident in Nouakchott summit. " He continued, "The region's occupancy in this war is a failure in the summit we will." School and condemned the city of Kadhimiya bombings in Baghdad and Kabul, the Afghan and "genocide Asrara in Yemen by the Saudi alliance." In regard to the events in Turkey between the school, "said Hand sinful one here or there, which was behind the failed coup in Turkey, which was aimed at sinking into civil war."