Anbar Operations announces the start clearing the area west of Falluja, peasant

The commander of the Anbar Operations Maj . Gen. Ismail Mahlawi, on Friday, began clearing the area west of Falluja , peasant women from mines and improvised explosive devices.
Mahlawi said in an interview, " The strength of the military operations within Anbar began today, clearing the west of Falluja peasant area of mines and improvised explosive devices , " noting that " the engineering effort of the army involved cleansing process."
He Mahlawi, that " the force managed to find 29 Jlcan contain material Sifor and seven explosive devices were collected in a peasant area and detonated by remote control, " pointing out that " the engineering effort continues even now clear the area of mines and improvised explosive devices."
The security forces are in control of Fallujah , west of peasant area after the liberation of "Daash" last June.