Sacco calls on political and religious authorities to raise the legitimacy of who broadcasts the "polluter thought"

Called the patriarch of the Chaldeans in Iraq and the world , Louis Sako, on Friday, the political and religious authorities to raise the legal cover of who broadcasts "contaminated ideas and terrorist acts", while expressed his condemnation of the "Daash" Bnhr priest of the church in France.
Said Sacco said in a statement, " The Patriarchate of the Chaldean strongly condemns the terrorist attack on the Saint - Etienne de Rovra Church of northwest France, where they were slaughtered Father Jack Hamill (84 years) as he prayed, and wounded another person seriously injured , which broadcast terror among the worshipers , " calling political and religious leaders to "lift the cover of legitimacy of who transmits this tainted thought and exhibits this trend of vandalism and disown him to humanity as a whole need to alert the intellectual, spiritual and conscious and to stand a serious stand to prevent such a terrible disaster."
He said Sacco, he was " a new act of barbarism struck by and we were shocked and very pained. Also condemn all attacks that target innocent unsuspecting everywhere, and these heinous acts are contrary to all human values ​​, " explaining that " the Catholic Church in the same town had donated the land on which it is mosque for Muslims, which opened in 2000. "
He stressed that " the church is the father Hamill martyr , his blood was mixed with the sacrifice of Christ, and we express our solidarity and our union with the Church of France to pray and hope."
The French police announced on Tuesday (26 July 2016), that the two men heavily armed with knives detained two nuns and a priest along with worshipers several inside the church, Normandy Province , northwest of the country, before the police church forces storm to free the hostages and kill militants, in a terrorist attack was adopted by the organization "Daash."