Cultivation of Najaf announce the achievement of self - sufficiency in strategic crops and vegetable production

Cultivation of Najaf Directorate announced the arrival of the agricultural production, both plant and animal to self-sufficiency in the province to the threshold of some crops in other crops achieved a surplus in production.
He said agriculture director Najaf glorious horses told Nun "The Directorate of Agriculture and under the guidance of the Ministry of Agriculture has plans and programs near and long term to achieve food security in the country using modern techniques, stressing that food security is a national security need to be working to achieve.
"The province of Najaf reached in some crops to self-sufficiency in terms of the production of vegetables arrived at the beginning of the peak to 2,000 tons per day and the need of Najaf, 300 tons only ones with the remainder exported to other provinces, and also there is a self-sufficiency in strategic crops of rice, wheat, barley, and others."
He pointed out that the agricultural initiative horses and the ministry's efforts also resulted in the escalation of animal production reaching prepare sheep "some 600 000 head of buffalo and more than 21 000 and 24 000 head of cattle, fish in the lakes has achieved self-sufficiency for the province."
He called agriculture director Najaf competent authorities to "reduce import support for local products."