Turkish newspaper: "US intelligence" financed the coup attempt

The newspaper "Yeni Safak" accused the Turkish commander of the International Security Assistance Force to establish security in Afghanistan, "ISAF" John Campbell, the management of the failed coup attempt in Turkey.
The newspaper said, as reported by "Sputnik" on Monday, that the financing of the coup attempt has been through the US intelligence apparatus, "the CIA" by "UPS er" bank in Nigeria, noting that it has been distributing worth two billion dollars on the coup leaders Turkey.
The newspaper reported that the money was transferred through the Nigerian bank to Turkey in different ways over the six months.
The failed coup attempt led by a number of Turkish troops, where he announced a statement -omaaoh on Turkish state television strongly Alslah- control over the governance of the country, and then appeared Erdogan on one of the satellite channels -abbar Skaab- calls for people to go down to the street to confront the "putschists" which succeeded and resulted in the restoration of the elected government to control things, and the arrest of thousands of those involved in "the failed coup."