Sistani's office praises complex to house the displaced people after the "slough or deficit," the government

Twilight News / announced Iraq's top Shiite cleric Ali al-Sistani Office, for construction of a residential complex to accommodate the displaced families and the displaced, adding that the government "has evaded or unable" to provide a safe haven for the children of the occupied territories by Daash.
The office said in a statement, seen by Twilight News, "Given the difficult conditions experienced by our dear country and after disavowed the government or failed to provide safe and decent for dear haven of the sons of the occupied territories by Daash, Samaha top religious authority, Mr. Sistani's office, had been initiated to establish a residential complex to contain the displaced families and the displaced left their homes and their money fearing the wrath of criminal gangs. " He added that "the complex on the right home in the holy city of Najaf by way of Karbala," noting that "the first phase completed the establishment of 300 housing units to accommodate three hundred families, which are units of insulating an area of ​​40 square meters per unit, consisting of a living room, kitchen and two bedrooms and a bath." . The office pointed out that "these units contain integrated services of water, electricity, sewage, it was commissioned under the supervision of technical staff and engineering specialist with experience in the construction of residential complexes". He added that the "compound is available where nighttime lighting of streets with specifications and high quality bear extreme weather conditions with the rationalization of electric power consumption, as well as the wide streets provide a smooth flow of movement in the housing complex." And between, that "the complex has infrastructure integrated from the water tank panels, electric distribution and streams of sewage, and tank main water for the complex modern and is approved for storage of drinking water in addition to tanks subset of water for each group of houses." And that "The complex is equipped with a generator to feed the compound in the event of national power outage with the fuel tank is enough for a relatively long period," pointing out that "design allows the entry of the sun's rays from all directions into the housing unit."