Abadi exclude citizens equipped with electricity 24 hours without imposing collection

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Ruled Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, that the Iraqis equipped with electricity for 24 hours without stopping "wasteful" and impose a levy on the citizens, and as pointed out to reach the price of a barrel of oil, which sold Iraq during the first half of this year to $ 31, he stressed that oil imports less than the value of salaries to "many." Ebadi said in a speech during a meeting with a number of conservatives that there is a waste of electric power, in this case we can not citizens processing over 24 hours after 20 years because the increased hours of processing more than cost, stressing the need to stop the waste and the imposition of the collection for everyone to exercise control over consumption electricity. Abadi added that the price of oil rate, which sold Iraq during the first six months of the current year amounted to $ 31, stressing that oil imports less staff and much of pensions, there are the expenses of the war, health, education and a network of social welfare and support of industry, agriculture and others. It was in the face of al-Abadi (April 26, 2016), regardless of financial allocations and fuel to the stability of processing power during the current summer season, as he emphasized the province of Basra processing power over 24 hours.