Muhammadawi: House law paragraphs excite people and undermine mutual trust

Thursday, July 28, 2016 | 07:40 pm
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Baghdad/. The Deputy was Muhammadawi beauty, virtue block Thursday, support for the Organization of the work of the legislature and activate its oversight role with the object to record any privileges, whether legislative or executive authority.

Muhammadawi rejected in a press release, "Iraq News" copy, "a number of paragraphs of the law of the House of representatives, especially those which are incompatible with the standards of social justice which arouse the feelings of the people contributes to deepening the chasm and lack of confidence between the people and the legislative institution.

And called for "not putting this code be subject to political and media political waltskit auctions", noting "the need to delete paragraphs that reflect the privacy interest rather than inside it, or introduction to do the job or accomplishing the legislative or regulatory job." over 5