Prime Minister Dr. Haider Al-Abadi presiding over a meeting of the supreme commission for coordination between the provinces

The Press Office of the prime minister
Thursday, 28 July 2016

Invited Mr. Prime Minister Dr. Haider Al-Abadi to stop the conflict between the provinces of electrical energy and commitment to quota and refused to take each a special resolution by stressing to head to the collection of electricity and that proved successful in some areas of Baghdad with continuous supply 24 An hour and a reduction of 20 per cent of the consumption and that it will reduce spending family on electricity, which acted as a result of their participation in the generators, jumbo.

This came through the presiding over a meeting of the sovereignty of the supreme commission for coordination between the provinces and custom electrical distribution between provinces.

Mr. President of the council of ministers to our goal and our planning is for processing the best amount of electricity to citizens where there's a work in progress and planning of the idea of bottlenecks, networks and maintaining ongoing generation plants in prime time and create the petroleum derivatives. We have come as a result of these plans to 14 thousand and 355 mikao active and is the highest level of the reach of Iraq.

And continued sovereignty of the state to support the electricity more than $ 10 billion and this money can spend on the poor and therefore the collection will contribute significantly in reducing spending Iraqi family physically on electricity and consumed in their participation In the generators, civil and even friends these generators, it would be to take advantage of them.

This experience with the collection and through licences to companies which will be circulated to all regions of Iraq to provide constant electricity will help a lot of poor families that will be significantly reduced spending their physical On electricity compared with his behavior is currently on civil generators.

And between Dr. Al-Abadi that everyone will have the self-censorship on energy calling on everyone to cooperate in this uncertain we walkers on the right track, in the case of electricity and next summer will see a significant improvement in the case of sir what we're up to.

And back to basra governorate said we were gonna try to provide constant electricity and thank god for processing is currently the best maicon as she has a balancing lbtrwdwlạr and exporting oil, mostly from her and she deserves and a work in progress for all provinces .

And among his lordship to lack of commitment by some of the provinces, the quota leads to damage to other provinces and the capital, Baghdad, the most affected by the lack of commitment of the rest of the provinces, and that is unacceptable.

The sovereignty of the government's commitment to decentralization of administration projects are for dessert. Water and sanitation management of waste through investment and are about that.

And acknowledge his lordship to issue a humanitarian mission about the role of the disabled and the elderly and orphans because there is fear of the transfer of powers to manage them.

For the provinces through continuing my visits to them. I found this fear they have and must therefore be careful and being attention Them and to provide better services to them.

And his lordship has led by some officials of the non-payment of electricity bills calling on all officials and including me as chief minister to be the first of the defenders levy electricity.