House of Representatives vote on the bills and the decision to cancel the tax deducti
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    House of Representatives vote on the bills and the decision to cancel the tax deducti

    House of Representatives vote on the bills and the decision to cancel the tax deduction

    July 28, 2016

    House of Representatives voted in its sixth regular legislative term of the first third legislative year , headed by Dr. Salim al - President of the Council and in the presence of 182 deputies on Thursday, 28/07/2016 at the two bills and the decision to cancel the tax deduction as discussed a number of important public issues.

    At the outset of the session MP Ashwaq al-Jubouri, followed by a statement on the general situation in the district of Shirqat in Salahuddin province, where members of the House of Representatives appealed to the pressure on the general commander of the armed forces and its demand to instruct the military to liberate the occupied city of cuts and besieged by Daash noting that the families in the city are exposed to genocide the slow death as they run out of food, medicine and do Daash killing civilians, demanding local and international civil society organizations to go to save fleeing from the oppression of Daash and who are in displacement camps.

    Then read the ladies and gentlemen of Representatives Fatiha in memory of the souls of the martyrs of Iraq.

    Mr. Jubouri announced the approval of the presence of representatives of the martyrs of the terrorist bombing of Karrada to a meeting on Saturday to make their demands based on a proposal by Rep. Zainab Arif visual.

    Mr. Speaker stressed the need for the presence of the ladies and gentlemen of the House of Representatives provinces experiencing editing operations to meet the challenges and help the displaced representatives, calling on deputies to keep up with the conditions, especially Maitalq ongoing for the Liberation of Nineveh province, areas of operations.

    President al-Jubouri and pointed out on Sunday to determine the next date for the election of the presidencies of the parliamentary committees on the topic to be discussed at the meeting on Saturday, especially with the presence of views on the mechanism of the election.

    Then the Council voted on a draft law on ratification air services agreement between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the Government of the State of Kuwait and submitted by the Committees on Foreign Relations, services and reconstruction, the economy and investment for the purpose of the ratification of the agreement and strengthen cooperation in the establishment and operation and facilitation of air transport services between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the Government of the State of Kuwait law.

    Council did vote on the draft of the Ministry of the Interior and submitted by the committees and defense, financial and legal security bill due to the development in the tasks and functions of the Ministry of Interior for the purpose of enabling them to perform their role in the implementation of national security strategy in accordance with the general policy of the state for the protection of borders and maintain security and public order and combat crime in its various forms, track perpetrators inside and outside Iraq and ensure the application of the law which required a review of the structure of the ministry and keep pace with progress in the devices internal security forces and the formation of leadership teams for the Federal police and border forces and the extension of security and order throughout the Republic of Iraq.

    In another matter, Mr. Jubouri praised the establishment of the Committee on Accountability and Reconciliation Project completion ban Baath parties, entities and racist and terrorist and Takfiri and activities Party law with the vote on the inclusion in the agenda of the meeting.

    The Council postponed voting on the draft ban the Baath and entities, parties and activities of racist and terrorist and Takfiri Party bill to next Saturday for the disruption of quorum, as well as the inclusion of draft law amending the law of accountability and justice on the agenda of the next meeting for the second reading in order to move legitimizes.

    On the other hand, the Council discussed the issue of the tax deduction based on the request from the MP Hanan al .

    The MP called on Fatlawi Cabinet to find just solutions to the tax Balastqtaa covered by the fact that the government's decision led to the disparity in the salaries of employees as well as being a constitutional violation.

    For his part, MP Faleh force chairman said the Finance Committee that the decision was issued deduction based on the Memorandum of Understanding between the International Monetary Snouk and the government as the volume of withholding more than 28%, noting that the Finance Committee is interested in trading with the Finance Ministry to resolve the issue.

    And the MP Zaher al - Abadi said tax cuts burdened staff , which requires cancellation of the decision or the government to issue a decision to Ayda 's burdens on the shoulders of citizens.

    He suggested MP Amer winner to amend the tax law in general to deal with the contradictions and the absence of justice with the inventory issue of tax deductions on employees' salaries within the law issued by the House of Representatives.

    And it showed the MP Najiba Najib said the government's decision is a thoughtful and taken without a meeting with the competent parliamentary committees, pointing out that taxation must be done according to the law.

    She MP Ghaida Kmbh that the first-class employees and the second one did up to this point, but after so many years and in accordance with the laws of expressing their refusal to succumb to all the requirements of the International Monetary Fund.

    In turn, the MP stressed Sunrise Alabegi on the need to establish laws that promote social justice in the presence of a large disparity between state officials, calling for a lack of prejudice to the entry of staff.

    The MP warned Birwan Khilani of the consequences of continuing to impose taxes on citizens.

    He called MP Ali Shukri to discuss the disparity between the salaries of employees, as well as discuss the implications of the International Fund for loans on people's lives and livelihoods.

    He noted the MP Mohsen Saun that such decisions by the government is a violation of the laws and silence them is a violation of citizens' rights gained.

    MP Abdul Rahman Alloizi the House of Representatives to put an end to the phenomenon of the government to take decisions that are inconsistent with the laws in force.

    He MP Hassan al-Shammari said the government will impose new taxes and other decisions, asking the government to send an agreement with the International Alsndq and the World Bank to the House for consideration and consultation.

    For his part, Mr. President of the Council noted that the government has so far believe the validity of the mandate given to him with the House of Representatives and annulled by the Council later, calling for the preparation of formula clear and specific decision obliges the Cabinet not to encroach upon the constants and laws legislated and respect, pointing out that any action contrary to the Constitution taken by the government will be accountable.

    The Council voted on a parliamentary decision to cancel the Cabinet decision No. 156 on 06.07.2016 containing subdue wage and salaries and allowances of the staff of government departments and the public sector, up from the second division of the tax deduction for violating the constitution outright.

    In another matter, the Agriculture Committee followed a report on the delay in payment of dues of farmers for the seasons 2014, 2015 and 2016 in which the prime minister and finance ministry blamed the delay in the payment of paying dues, proposed grace the government 10 days to pay off the dues of farmers to the seasons mentioned, citing the need to compel the government to allocate $ 2 billion World Bank loan to pay outstanding dues.

    In the interventions of the ladies and gentlemen of Representatives MP Najiba Najib called for issuing a decision to entrust the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank is the issuing treasury bonds to all farmers with forcing the government to cancel its decision to cut the purchase of peasant crops by 30%.

    He noted the State Attorney Azzedine that the theme of the peasants is not about the lack of financial liquidity being dedicated, but the existence of the reluctance of the government, warning that failure to pay the dues of farmers this year will lead to the collapse of a comprehensive agricultural sector.

    The Council supported the proposal of the Agriculture Committee to give the government 10 days to pay off the dues of farmers and working to host Mr. Prime Minister, Messrs the Ministers of Finance and Commerce and Chairman of the Central Bank for the purpose of resolving the issue.

    Then it threw the Legal Committee a report on the Independent Electoral Commission of the work and the formation of a committee of experts to form the new Commission at the end of each session.

    The report noted that the current session of the Independent High Electoral Commission, she supervised a series of local and national electoral processes and in the Kurdistan region, noting that the local elections will be held on 04.20.2017 rests with the current commission made important strides to implement them.

    And it recommended the Legal Committee of the formation of a parliamentary committee for the selection of the Board of Commissioners to proceed with the 16 of this month , and work on the amendment of the Electoral Commission Act to achieve the independence of their work and reducing the number of members of the Board of Commissioners to five members.

    President al-Jubouri and face to take measures for the nomination of members of the committee includes a number of ladies and gentlemen deputies experts specializes in the selection of a new board of the Commission as well as to determine the criteria and mechanisms for selecting the members of the Committee of Experts.

    Then Mr. Jubouri decided to display the names of the candidates of the service provided by the cabinet at a later meeting for the purpose of voting on them after they were reciting the names of candidates and distribution of biographies on the ladies and gentlemen of Representatives.

    The Board discussed the granting of the fourth-generation mobile phone licenses in Iraq based on the application submitted by MP Hassan Shammari.

    And accept the Attorney-Shammari the mechanisms in place to grant third-generation licenses and provided by the media and communications in recent years and the associated repercussions and gaps, warning of the possibility of irregularities license the fourth generation, noting that there are 28 million subscribers are currently at the rate of profit for companies of $ 18 for each participant, which means a profit annually an estimated 6 billion and $ 48 million, posing for Iraq's budget to $ 20 billion annually, stressing the importance of control of the mobile phone segments in order to control the security situation.

    And ask the Attorney-Shammari a resolution that includes the formation of a parliamentary committee includes commissions and services of culture, media and financial and legal integrity, security and defense take control and escort at the start of the Ministry of Communications and the media and communications contract and follow-up create and complete the technical and economic aspects of the contract without interfering with the executive aspects when viewing the fourth generation license and reduction of monopoly through the presentation of the license in a public auction, calling on the House of Representatives vote to hold the fourth-generation mobile phone license.

    In the interventions of the ladies and gentlemen of Representatives, MP Maysoon al stressed the need to have the oversight role of the House of Representatives effective during the vote on the fourth-generation license.

    The MP Riad Ghraib to postpone discussion of the fourth generation license to be studied more broadly, in addition to the importance of the presence of Telecom and Media Authority of the Board to clarify the details of the license.

    He noted the MP Mohammed al-Tai to the granting of third generation license was based on non-scientific foundations of which requires the involvement of companies and experts in the telecommunications Mt_khassaan to follow the contract before granting the license-fourth.

    For his part, Mr. President drew the competent parliamentary committees to cooperate with MP Hassan Shammari in order to prepare a resolution to be presented to the House of Representatives for a vote as soon as possible.

    In another affair, Mr. Speaker announced the submission of the President of the Supreme Judicial Council, the names of candidates for judges discriminatory body competent to hear appeals on the decisions of the accountability and justice for the purpose of voting upon at the meeting on Saturday.

    And then it decides to adjourn the meeting on Saturday 30/7/2016.

    The information department

    Iraqi Council of Representatives

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