Iraq talks with Exxon, China oil to expand oil production

today, 11:01

Baghdad/sky press:

Iraq is currently locked in negotiations with oil Giants garrison in the world, Exxon Mobil, China oil, in order to reach a formula of agreement governing the investment of two new sections in the South of Iraq, to increase daily oil production.

The announcement by Deputy oil Minister Fayad "grace," Wednesday, he said the Ministry hopes that the ystmthr atraui fields "and" two rivers ", in the form in which request them together to produce the amount of 550.000 oil barrels, where pumps currently fields about 70.000 barrels only.+

Grace confirmed that the Ministry hopes that agreement will be reached and began the project during the next six months.

**SkyPress didn't give an actual physical date, but this was listed under "Today's Headlines"**