Deputy for "light": political efforts to resolve disputes about the amnesty law to a vote in Parliament.

July 28, 2016

Light news/Baghdad

The parliamentary legal Committee member revealed Ibtisam Al-hilali, Thursday, about an effort by the main blocks in the House of representatives to resolve differences over a draft amnesty law for a vote in Parliament.

Hilali said in a statement to "light news", that "the dispute still revolves around the categories covered by the amnesty, in addition to raising and adding some legal paragraphs concerning the retrial of persons was prosecution as a result of the pressure applied".

She noted that "this law would guarantee the rights of innocent third parties covered by the general amnesty, for having included in the law for a paragraph whereby the right of anyone convicted of torture allegedly prompted the judiciary to be retried in accordance with the law for once."

Councilwoman confirmed "the existence of a strong will by the blocks to put this Bill delayed considering the differences that existed previously, some still at the moment especially in Federal Court and amnesty laws and the National Guard."

The speaker was Selim Jabouri, during a session, today, to include a vote on Amnesty bill during the meetings next week.