The House of representatives vote on bills and the decision to abolish the tax deduction {Extender}

2016/7/28 16:45

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

House voted at its sixth ordinary legislative unhinged third legislative year headed by Salim Al-Juburi, head of the Council in the presence of 182 deputies Thursday on bills and decision to abolish the tax deduction as discussed a number of important public issues.

At the beginning of the session following the Deputy Jabouri's aspirations on general situation statement in sharqat, Salahuddin province, appealed to members of the House of representatives by clicking on the Commander in Chief of the armed forces and military units instructed to claim to liberate the occupied city and besieged by ISIS, noting that families in the city are subjected to genocide and slow death due to running out of food and medicines and the Saba killing civilians, prompting local and international civil society organizations go to save fleeing persecution of ISIS and in refugee camps.

Then the deputies read surat al fatiha prayer for the souls of the martyrs of Iraq.

Jabouri announced the approval of representatives of the Karrada bombing terrorist martyrs to a session Saturday to present their demands based on the proposal of the acting Zainab Arif.
The speaker stressed the need for the presence of representatives of the provincial representatives undergoing edits to challenges and assist displaced persons, calling on deputies to cope with circumstances and especially about the ongoing processes of liberalization regions of Nineveh.

The President said to select next Sunday as the date to elect the parliamentary committees presidencies discussion topic at Saturday's session, especially with having opinions about him.

Then the Council voted on the draft law of ratification of an air services agreement between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the Government of the State of Kuwait and of the committees on foreign relations, services and reconstruction, the economy and investment for the purpose of ratification of the agreement and strengthen cooperation in the establishment and operation and facilitate air transport services between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the Government of the State of Kuwait.

The Board completed voting on a bill submitted by the Ministry of internal security and defence committees and the legal and financial due to the evolution of the functions and powers of the Ministry of the Interior in order to enable them to fulfil their role in the implementation of the strategy of national security in accordance with the general policy of the State in the protection of borders and the maintenance of security and public order and combating crime in its various forms and chasing in and out of Iraq and ensure the application of the law which required rethinking the structure of the Ministry and keep up with developments in the internal security forces and forming the leadership teams of the federal police and border forces, security And order in the Republic of Iraq.

On another, he commended Jabouri accountability and Reconciliation Commission on the completion of a bill banning the Baath parties and entities and terrorist and racist activities and satisfaction with the vote was its inclusion in the agenda of the meeting.

The Council postponed a vote on a bill banning the Baath parties and entities and terrorist and racist activities and satisfaction to Saturday of the quorum, as well as the inclusion of a bill amending the law of accountability and Justice on the agenda of the next meeting for second reading to move its legislation.

On the other hand, the Council discussed the subject of tax deduction based on the request of Deputy Hanan's PM.

She invited Congresswoman's PM Cabinet fair solutions for tax deduction that covered government decision led to differences in salaries as well as being a constitutional violation.

The Attorney said Faleh Sari Chairman Finance Committee that withholding decision issued based on the memorandum of understanding between the Government and the international monetary Pandora's box where withholding amounted to more than 28%, noting that the Finance Committee is interested in trading with the Finance Ministry to resolve the issue.

And Attorney Zaher Abadi deductions overburdened employees requiring decision or a decision by the Government guy no weights on citizens.

Suggested Deputy tax amendment Act winner Aamir in General to address inconsistencies and injustice with confining issue tax deductions on salaries under a law enacted by the House of representatives.

Brilliant mp Najib indicated that the Government's decision, but thoughtfully and without meeting with the competent parliamentary committees, noting that taxation must be in accordance with the law.

Ghaidaa Deputy referred to a first class officer urankar, II never made it to this stage only after many years and according to the laws in force, reflecting her refusal to bow to all IMF conditions.

In turn, assured Deputy Sunrise abaiji need to establish laws that promote social justice in the presence of a huge disparity between State officials, calling personnel intact.

Councilwoman khilani berwan warned not to continue taxing citizens.

Mp called on Avinash to discuss disparity between employees, as well as to discuss the ramifications of IFAD loans on people's lives and livelihoods.

Alsoun optimizer mp noted that make these decisions by the Government in violation of the laws and tolerated in violation of citizens ' rights.

Attorney Abdul-Rahman demanded the rocket House to put an end to the phenomenon of Government makes decisions that conflict with the laws in force.

Attorney drew Hassan shammari said the Government will impose other taxes new resolutions, demanding the Government send an agreement with the International Fund and the World Bank to the House for consideration and consultation.

For his part, the President of the Council noted that the Government now believes the validity of the authorization granted by the Parliament and the Council subsequently voided, calling for the preparation of a clear and definite decision obliges the Cabinet to no override on enacting laws and constants, indicating that any action contrary to the Constitution of the Government will be accountable.

The Council voted on a resolution until the decision of the Council of Ministers numbered 156 in 7-6-2016, containing the subjugation of salaries and wages and the allocation of State and public officials, second class up to the tax deduction for violating the Constitution's explicit.

And on another, followed the Agriculture Committee a report about delayed payments to farmers for 2014, and 2015 and 2016 seasons when the head of the Government and the Ministry of Finance responsible for delayed payment of dues, proposed giving the Government 10 days to reimburse farmers for the seasons mentioned calling to compel the Government to allocate 2 billion dollars World Bank loan to pay arrears.

And in the interventions of representatives demanded the Deputy answered Najib issued a decision which mandated the Ministry of finance and the Central Bank to issue Treasury bonds to all farmers with obliging the Government to cancel its decision to reduce purchasing crop farmers by 30%.

State's Attorney noted that Ezzedine peasants not about lack of financial liquidity variant but a reluctance of Government, warning that failure to reimburse farmers this year will lead to a comprehensive breakdown of the agricultural sector.

The Council endorsed the proposal of the Committee on agriculture to give the Government 10 days to reimburse farmers and working to host the Prime Minister and Ministers of finance and trade, Mr President of the Central Bank for the purpose of resolving the issue.

She dropped the legal Committee a report on the work of the Independent Electoral Commission and a Commission of experts to form the new Commission at the end of each session.

The report noted that the current session of the independent High Electoral Commission supervised a series of General and local electoral processes in Kurdistan, noting that the local elections will take place 20-4-2017 rests with the current Commission gone however for implementation.

The legal Committee recommended the formation of a parliamentary Committee to choose a Board of Commissioners to proceed in 16 this month and work to modify the Electoral Commission Act to achieve independence and reduce the number of members of the Board of Commissioners to five members.

The President said action on the nomination of members of the Committee includes a number of experts competent to choose a new Council of UNHCR as well as determining the criteria and mechanisms for selecting members of the Expert Committee.

Then the Council candidates names decided Al-Juburi of the Cabinet at a later session for vote after reading the candidate names and distribution of CVS on ladies and gentlemen.

The Board discussed granting fourth generation mobile phone license in Iraq based on the request of Deputy Hassan Al-shammari.

Attorney reviewed existing mechanisms Kaur third-generation licence provided by the communications and Media Commission in past years and the attendant fallout and gaps, warning of possible irregularities in the fourth generation licence, indicating the presence of 28 million subscribers currently corporate profit rate 18 dollars for each participant, which means an annual profit of 6 billion and $ 48 million which places Iraq balancing access to $ 20 billion annually, stressing the importance of controlling the mobile chip to control the security situation.

Put a resolution formula Kaur Deputy Parliamentary Committee composed of committees and the culture and information services, financial and legal integrity and security and defense take control and keep up when launching the Ministry of communications and the communications and Media Commission contract and continue creating and completing the technical and economic aspects of the contract without interfering with operational aspects when viewing the fourth generation license and reduce the monopoly by viewing the license in public bidding, calling the House vote on holding the fourth-generation mobile phone license.

And in the interventions of representatives, Congresswoman confirmed Mason detainees need to be effective House oversight role by voting on the fourth-generation license.

Mp Riad called stranger to postpone discussion of fourth generation license to study them further, adding to the importance of the presence of Telecom and media authority for the Board to clarify the details of the license.

Mp Mohammad Al-taei noted that third generation licence based on non-scientific foundations which requires the involvement of any professional experts in telecommunications companies to continue hiring before granting the license.

President, the competent parliamentary committees to cooperate with Attorney Hassan shammari in order to prepare a resolution for submission to the House of representatives to vote on it as soon as possible.

The House speaker, head of the Supreme Judicial Council for providing the names of candidates for the distinctive body competent to hear appeals against the decisions of the accountability and justice for the purpose of voting in Saturday's session then decides then adjourning to next Saturday.