Defense responded to the rejection of the Peshmerga: The Constitution is Faisal Banzhabkm of the liberated areas

2016/7/28 16:28

[Oan- Baghdad]

Received the Department of Defense, the Ministry of Peshmerga refused to withdraw its troops from the liberated areas.

The ministry spokesman said Naseer Nouri told all of Iraq [where] that "this matter resolved by the Constitution and the political consensus, and the Ministry of Defence point of executive interference and debates do."

And to identify and name any of the forces that will participate in the battle to liberate the city of Mosul, Nuri said, "In principle there is no limitation in any of the forces participating in the liberation of Mosul, both Peshmerga or the popular crowd they fall within the framework of the Iraqi security system."

However, to say "but remain type and nature of this review and any role assigned them and what is the focus of operations in which these forces are and all this depends on the plans prepared by the military leadership and the decision of the commander of the armed forces."

The Ministry of Peshmerga in Kurdistan Regional Government, last Monday announced that it will not withdraw from the liberated areas in the province of Nineveh Daash of terrorist gangs.

The ministry said in a statement, said that "the withdrawal of the Peshmerga forces from those areas that have been developed temporary as a map to the process of liberalization of Mosul, must be determined through an agreement between the Kurdistan Regional Government and the central government, and not according to the unilateral plan by the Iraqi government," saying that it "will not withdraw any way from the shapes of those areas. "

She pointed out that "the agreement with the US side do not in any way mean that the Peshmerga forces to withdraw from those areas that have been freed two years ago, and withdraw only be from within the city of Mosul."

Botokol military was signed between the United States and the Kurdistan Region on 12 July of this, the agreement provides for the provision of the US side militarily and financially to support the Kurdistan region, and will be an agreement in place until the end of the war against al Daash.

And issued the Iraqi Defense Ministry, issued a statement last Friday, about this agreement, in which she said, that "the Peshmerga forces will withdraw from the liberated areas of the province of Nineveh, as these areas are used in accordance with a temporary program for the liberation of Mosul process," noting that "what has been signed between the The Pentagon and the Ministry of Peshmerga is no agreement, but the terms of a memorandum of understanding to provide US help for the salaries of the Peshmerga. "

The defense that "it is the effective date of this note is the withdrawal of the Peshmerga forces and the region other than the liberated areas in the Nineveh operations according to a timetable approved by the Iraqi government, and do basic and clear reforms in the Ministry of Peshmerga, leading to financial transparency by the province in the check numbers and pay salaries." .