Iraq oil industry negotiates to develop its fields and create a southern filter

2016-07-28 at 14:10

Baghdad the balance of news

The oil Ministry revealed Thursday, Iraq's negotiations with oil companies to develop fields and create a filter in the South of the country, with the aim of these negotiations is to maintain Iraq's oil production rate up to 4.8 million barrels.

According to Bloomberg website us economic news, the Iraqi oil Ministry revealed negotiations with Exxon Mobil us ", and" btrogaina "in Chinese to develop oil fields in the South of the country, in order to maintain the rate of the country's total oil production by 4.8 million barrels a day for the remainder of the year 2016.

And moving your site from the Iraqi oil Ministry Undersecretary Fayyad grace, vassal/balance of news, in which he said that "the two companies submitted bids to develop the petroleum age two rivers and Artawi fields in southern Iraq, which the Ministry hopes that production rate up to 550 thousand barrels", stating that "the production fields now stands at 70 million barrels.

"Grace," the Ministry wishes to proceed with the project within six months, "adding that" total oil production in Iraq currently stands at 4.78 million barrels, four million of them produced by southern Iraq fields, with the Kurdistan Regional Government will contribute the remaining production, pumping nearly 700, 000 barrels a day, independently of the Government.

Oil Ministry Undersecretary stressed that "the rate of Iraqi oil exports from the South reached 3.19 million barrels, likely that oil export rates" for those fields to 3.2 million barrels a day by the end of July. "

Grace, revealed about Iraq's separate negotiations with "btrogaina" and "Korean" kokas, to reach a final agreement to build a refinery, 300, 000 barrels and card oil development in Iraq