Bloc governor of Anbar province: Parliament will vote next week on solving the provincial council

2016/7/28 13:41

[Oan- special]

She united bloc to which he belongs governor of Anbar province Suhaib al-Rawi, the House of Representatives may vote at its meetings next week on the request to dissolve the provincial council.

He said a successful member of the bloc Barakat, told all of Iraq [where] that "the Administrative Court's decision yesterday cold Anbar provincial council's decision to sack the governor [the narrator] just and fair to the governor's decision."

"We let the block reform the provincial council [the opposition] to open a new page and work together, but unfortunately so far are still refusing Therefore, designers him."

He pointed out, "We have applied to the House of Representatives to resolve the Anbar province is likely to be included in the agenda of the parliament next week and hope that the decision in favor of the solution of the provincial council."

The Administrative Court yesterday received the Anbar Provincial Council in the dismissal of the governor of Anbar decision Suhaib Rawi from office.

Rawi welcomed the court's decision and called on the provincial council to "redouble their efforts, standardization and rise above the controversy to serve Iraq as a whole and not Anbar, according to"
The Anbar provincial council, voted on 28 of June on the dismissal of the conservative narrator [which belongs to the Iraqi Islamic Party] after the sound of 18 members from 30 members of the impeachment "against the backdrop of an administrative excesses."

And feet narrator dismissing an appeal to the Administrative Court, and hired in his application "on sick leave, which he submitted to the provincial council to postpone the questioning."

The House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, the face in the first session on Tuesday select request the dissolution of the al-Anbar province on the agenda of future meetings schedule included dates.