Syrian army in control of large parts in Bani Zeid in Aleppo

Syrian army and its allies dominated large parts of the youth housing area in Bani Zeid in Aleppo, having cut off all supply routes used by the terrorists to enter the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo.
He announced the Syrian army cut off all supply routes which the terrorists use them to enter the eastern districts of Aleppo, said in a statement that "we give all people carrying arms in eastern Aleppo a chance to settle and put it by surrendering its arms and stay."
In this context, the Syrian army sent text messages to the population of eastern Aleppo , which is controlled by armed groups , which confirms that it will provide safe passage for those wishing to leave the area , which governs the military cordon around.
These messages also calls on armed groups to lay down their arms.
The Syrian army has regained control of the Leiramon neighborhood northwest of Aleppo to envelop so neighborhoods controlled by armed groups, and regained the "Garages Leiramon" adjacent to the road Alcastelo. And promote the restoration of Leiramon fiery siege on the neighborhood Bani Zaid neighborhood in Aleppo.
This progress comes hours after the Syrian army 's control over a dozen plants in the industrial area Leiramon and targeting the headquarters of the armed groups in adult neighborhood , west of Aleppo.