Iraqi dinar sinking in front of U.S. Dollars
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Thread: Iraqi dinar sinking in front of U.S. Dollars

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    Iraqi dinar sinking in front of U.S. Dollars

    Iraqi dinar sinking in front of U.S. Dollars

    2012-04-15 10:15:20

    (Iba) / follow / - decline in the value of Iraqi dinar are large and clear in front of U.S. Dollars, and this in spite of all revenue earned by Iraq in a match the high price of oil, but this did not sing the dinar from the disaster that is located underneath and fall ill, the panic that the worsening situation is more than it is now.

    The reason behind this state of decline continued to the high demand for the dollar in its neighbors Iran and Syria, which suffer from Western sanctions, after the discount price of the dinar against the U.S. currency at 1160 dinars for several years, has witnessed a decline to 1230 dinars to the dollar last week and to 1320 on Tuesday before returning in height and up to 1270 through transactions made ​​on Thursday.

    In this framework showed shop owners banking their horror over the great loss that may Atqaibdoha as well as the citizen as a result of this continued decline in the price of the dinar, and notes the Abu Nasser shop owner banking that the decline in the price of the dinar concern to us, we do not know whether the central bank will control the decline Or is it will continue, and there is no action in his package to the address for such a sharp decline in Iraqi currency.

    He said Abu Nasser that the central bank policy is clear and does not know the extent of pumping, which can control the exchange rate in the market, on the other hand said Mohammad Karim, owner of a franchise that there are clashes began to appear in the decline in the price of the dinar as the majority of citizens to have the debt and some want constant amount, which called on the dollar while the other party wants payment in Iraqi dinars, and the difference in the buying and selling a large burden on the citizens.

    And there are accusations by some circles of parliamentary what it called mafia Iraqi traders smuggled the dollar to the neighboring countries that suffer economic sanctions, international and that between them, as we mentioned earlier Iran and Syria, which has noteworthy to link these traders political figures window you want to influence in the Iraqi economy for personal gain as they say, which led to a rise in the dollar exchange rate against the Iraqi dinar, which in turn would have serious consequences for the status of the Iraqi economy in the coming period if the situation continues as it is now.!

    And the Iraqi Central Bank Governor Sinan Shabibi that the unstable political situation in Iraq and the surrounding area led to higher demand for the dollar, which increased its price for the Iraqi currency, which is between that there is a dog a severe and growing U.S. Dollars to the linked Iraq to pay the import value in U.S. currency.

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